1998 QE2 Flyby


One of the larger news agencies was calling this encounter a “rare” event, I’m like what? How do you know that? Ah well, you will recognise some to the video as most of the news agencies with a story about the flyby is using parts of it.

I’m glad it is getting some coverage even if only because it is similar to the asteroid believed responsible for the dinosaur extinction.

It is going to be a great radar target and there will be some great video of it out in the coming days. Hey it even has a little moon. I’m hoping for some particulars on that, especially mass and density. Velocities of the pair should be coming out too, well the velocity of the asteroid is, but I want to know about the moon. When it is too hot to play with Holly in the yard I can fiddle with some calculations and see how much it would take to get the moon to part with the asteroid.

2 thoughts on “1998 QE2 Flyby

  1. It’ll be one like that or bigger that is gonna crash some day in future BEFORE the Sun blows up, and maybe before I die.

  2. I think you are correct, in fact I am sure of it. Hopefully not in the near future though.

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