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Shapely Supercluster

Shapley Supercluster.  Credit: ESA
Shapley Supercluster. Credit: ESA

We sometimes tend to take a provincial view when looking out into space-time. Meaning we see our Milky Way and other galaxies like Andromeda as separate entities. Nothing wrong with that. Yet when we step back and take a deeper look we find galaxies that are part of clusters of galaxies and superclusters.

ESA’s Planck satellite has been looking at these clusters and superclusters, in fact it has looked at over a thousand clusters and superclusters and this included interacting clusters. Pretty mind boggling, but this is one of the reasons the universe is as smooth as it is.

Space-time? Yeah, I’ve been reading Hawking again :mrgreen:

so here is the ESA press release to go with this collaborative image they put together of the Shapely Supercluster:

While scanning the sky for the oldest cosmic light, ESA’s Planck satellite has captured snapshots of some of the largest objects populating the Universe today: galaxy clusters and superclusters.

Several hundred galaxies and the huge amounts of gas that permeate them are depicted in this view of the core of the Shapley Supercluster, the largest cosmic structure in the local Universe.

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