Daily Archives: November 3, 2013

Fuzzy Dice

Here is a video taken yesterday (02 Nov 13) of the Dream Chaser. The Dream Chaser is billed as a space taxi and it being built by Sierra Nevada Corporation.

This was a debut test flight for the spacecraft in California and while all appearances the flight went quite well right up to the end. You can see that there was a problem in the deployment of a wheel on the landing gear. The resulting skid of the unmanned vehicle was not shown.

You at first think this would be a setback, but I am willing to bet Sierra Nevada would not necessarily agree. sure there was a problem and they would be much more pleased if things went perfectly, however progressive companies tend not to dwell on the negatives as much as they do with learning how to avoid such instances in the future. It’s easy to see far more insight was gained than just the flight dynamics of Dream Chaser – they got to see what happens when things go bad.

Interesting to see the different approaches to space travel the private industry is brining to the table. Sierra Nevada Corp. may be only in the development phase of the Dream Chaser they are anything but new to space and other advanced technologies, for example they helped get the rover Curiosity on the surface of Mars. Check them out.

Fuzzy dice? Watch the video and you will know where that came from.