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Mt. Wilson 105 Years Old

A "Dark nebula" taken in 1910 at Mt.Wilson.  Credit: Hale via Bartleby.com
A “Dark nebula” taken in 1920 at Mt.Wilson. Credit: Hale via Bartleby.com

One of the worlds great observatories, Mt. Wilson is celebrating 105 years since “first-light” on December 8, 1908. The observatory was founded by George Hale, and was outfitted with the 60-inch Hale telescope first and followed in 1917 by the 100-in Hooker telescope which was the largest telescope in the world until 1948 when the 200-inch Hale telescope was built at the Palomar Observatory.

Happy Birthday Mt. Wilson!

Here’s the caption with the image at Bartleby.com:

Taken in 1920 with the aid of the largest telescope in the world. One of the first photographs taken by the Mount Wilson telescope. There are dark nebulæ and bright nebulæ. Prof. Henry Norris Russell, against the British theory, holds that the dark nebulæ preceded the bright nebulæ Photo: Prof. Hale

About Henry Norris Russell

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