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ESA’s New Suit

ESA's new skinsuit could prevent injury.  Credit: ESA
ESA’s new skinsuit could prevent injury. Credit: ESA

Astronauts go through physical changes in response to weightlessness, I knew about the spine “decompressing”. What I didn’t realize is according to ESA astronauts has four times the chance of a slipped disk after a mission. What is in store for astronauts during longer missions when they do occur.

So when I was looking at this I was thinking there is not that much different than I see some people wearing at the gym. The difference is (and most likely not the only one) is the way the body suit works by squeezing the body from the shoulders down and not just squeezing.

Students from Kings College London, were subjects for a functional evaluation study I’m not sure if that is one of them in the image above or not. Making it look like fun though.

From ESA

The Space Medicine Office of ESA’s European Astronaut Centre is managing a project that could help astronauts overcome back problems in space, simply by wearing a high-tech tight-fitting ‘skinsuit’.

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