Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

Live From Space

In Saturday’s post I mentioned another television show from the National Geographic Channel apart from the Cosmos series.

Live from Space isn’t so much a television show as it is a television event.

The show comes from Arrow Media and will be broadcast LIVE from the International Space Station and NASA Mission Control in Houston TX. We literally will get to see a trip around the world in 90 minutes from the ISS.

The show will be hosted by Soledad O’Brien and astronaut Mike Massimino. Along with the Live broadcasts there will be some segments on launches (featuring Rich & Koichi) , from the trailers I have seen (but can’t find online) it appears there will be segments on the food the crews eat. Food costs about 10,000 dollars per pound to get up there so everything is dehydrated. I have tried the dehydrated ice cream, surprisingly good. They do get a VERY limited supply of fresh fruit but not much. It has to be a treat! Also we will see the dramatic spacewalk that went wrong for Luca Parmitano when water got into his helmet. Water does not behave the same up there as it does on Earth, he easily could have drowned! I’m am presuming O’Brien will interview the described by the people involved during the videos. I don’t actually know that but it would be perfect.

This is being described as a “Global Event”, premiering on the National Geographic Channels on March 14 at 20:00 ET / March 15 at 0:00 UTC. Check your local listings.