Daily Archives: June 21, 2014


Summer for some (including me) and winter for others “officially” arrived at 10:51 UTC (06:51 EDT).

Funny, I seem to notice the morning shadows as much as the extra daylight. I think it is because the sun rises northeasterly enough to clear the mountains earlier than normal thank to hitting a low spot in the hills. This means the sun is at a lower angle, thus longer shadows and it does this for a very short time – only a couple weeks. “Normally” the sun has to be pretty high before the sun hits here, being relatively close to the mountains. It’s light of course but direct sunlight has to move in from the west as the Sun climbs.

At any rate I kind of liked this time lapse from Anchorage Alaska. I should try this, maybe Sunday. An image every half hour? I bet I can find some weather cams to capture image frames from. The video was from 2012 and runs from 1930 on 21 Jun to 00:40 on 24 Jun.