3D Atlas of the Universe

A TED Talk. It isn’t  the solstice video I was intending to put up, but I liked it better.

Yes it’s a solstice day!

The December solstice is here. The solstice occurs in a few hours at 23:03 UTC. The calendar day would be 21 or 22 December depending on your location.

For me, it is the shortest day of the year and after a short pause the day’s  light will slowly lengthen.  The road to spring is long and as a well known old-time weather man around here used to say: “As the days grow longer the cold grows stronger”.

My favorite site for solstice information can be found at timeanddate.com.


2 thoughts on “3D Atlas of the Universe

  1. Statements kinda ridiculous but yeah anyways…

    3D Atlas of the ‘cosmos’

    You forgets the cosmic multiverse’s are apart of the infinite universe.

    One is many.

  2. I like the idea of a multiverse. I also like the idea of entropy. Is it possible to have both? I see what you mean though and it should probably say “known” universe or cosmos.

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