A Bakers Dozen

Wow,very exciting! Congratulations to Einstein@home! The Astrophysical Journal presents 13 of 17 newly discovered pulsars found with the distributed computing project.

“Einstein@Home searched through 118 unidentified pulsar-like sources from the Fermi-LAT Catalog,” says Prof. Dr. Bruce Allen, director of Einstein@Home and director at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Hanover. “Colin has shown that 17 of these are indeed pulsars, and I would bet that many of the remaining 101 are also pulsars, but in binary systems, where we lack sensitivity. In the future, using improved methods, Einstein@Home is going to chase after those as well, and I am optimistic that we will find at least some of them.”

See the entire press release from Einsteinathome.org

I’ve always been a fan of these distributed projects I participated in the SETI project for a long time and now am involved with a couple of the projects at Zooniverse.

Graphic: Einstein@home

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