Black Widow Pulsars

I was going to do a post about the Black Widow Pulsars tomorrow and then I saw the video and thought “why not”.

Part 2 of yesterday’s video will post in a few days, I’ve not forgotten . . . yet.


3 thoughts on “Black Widow Pulsars

  1. Thanks, I had originally set this to publish on Saturday and for some reason I have yet to figure out things went awry – it has happened a few times lately. I posted it so I wouldn’t forget LOL.

  2. What a great video! I think sometimes we get caught up in the technology that allows us to observe such wonders. But to me, the ingenuity and perseverance of the scientists who figure this stuff out are the true stars of the show. If it were possible (and safe!), wouldn’t you like to see one of these critters up close?

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