Bye-Bye Bees

Now for something completely off topic :mrgreen:

So much for my honey crop; the girls were doing so well too.

About a week ago I noted one of the hives knocked over with many unhappy residents. I got everything set back up and set up a trail cam hoping for a look at the visitor which I assumed to be a Black bear.

About a week went by and on Friday I was heading out the door, there only 60 or 70 yards away and right in front of the hives was the culprit. The bear didn’t seem to be overly bothered by me judging from the way it ambled off and I thought it disappeared.  It was already 5:45 am and I knew there wasn’t much I could do about things just then so off I went.  The view from the around the hives looking back to the house.

When I got back a few hours later I found a mess. Bee hive parts and pieces strewn around and some of the deep hive bodies and frames are missing completely. The bear as it turned out was snacking in the privacy of the bushes right behind the hives. With the help of another guy we collected up what we could and kind of got everything together into piles.

The weather was cold and it was raining, we figured we’d wait for a break in the rain so we didn’t pick up the piles right then. We did in the meantime put the camera in the favored snack area just in case the bear came back in the few hours it would be before we got to gathering up the remains.

Who knew? The bear returned soon after we left.  I have a feeling it watched the whole thing. He or she did come right up to the camera in the beginning which I thought was very accommodating. Any time he or she got a little spooked it would go to the mowed part of the lawn where it could plainly see my vehicles, dog run and back door are. Satisfied all was well the bear provided quite a bit of video some of which is hacked together here.


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  1. the bear goes into the woods to do his business, while leaning on a tree he notices a rabbit leaning on the next tree. the bear says” mr. rabbit, do you ever have a problem with poop sticking to your fur?” “why no mr. bear, i dont.” replied the rabbit. So the bear picks up the rabbit and wipes his butt.

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