Canyon of Fire

NASA’s full title: Canyon of Fire on the Sun seems appropriate.

I actually saw this on the news the other night and was thinking “I’m missing an aurora” went running outside and found the sky to be clouded over. I was lamenting that fact until I read the “About” section on the video (linked below) and found out this was in September. Whew! In my defense, the news only showed a portion of the video and that was about a minute in, when the the solar disk was rotated and made it look like the ejection was coming right at us.

According to the “About” section (linked below)on the original video, the filament was about 200,000 miles / 321,868 km long.

Color matters too:

Different wavelengths help capture different aspect of events in the corona. The red images shown in the movie help highlight plasma at temperatures of 90,000° F and are good for observing filaments as they form and erupt. The yellow images, showing temperatures at 1,000,000° F, are useful for observing material coursing along the sun’s magnetic field lines, seen in the movie as an arcade of loops across the area of the eruption. The browner images at the beginning of the movie show material at temperatures of 1,800,000° F, and it is here where the canyon of fire imagery is most obvious.


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