Catching Up

GOCE comes home.  Credit: Bill Chater via ESA.
GOCE comes home. Credit: Bill Chater via ESA.

Now that MAVEN has launched, it might be a good time to sort of catch up a little on the newer unmanned missions.

The image above shows the GOCE spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere. It was taken by Bill Chater in the Falklands at 21:20 local time on 11 November. Nice image, made the page this week too.

NASA’s LADEE mission is around halfway though the lunar commissioning phase, the orbit is about 250 km (155 mi) above the lunar surface. Instrument testing and calibration is continuing. Contact passes via a European ground station in Tenerife Spain have begun. NASA’s Update

The Indian Space Research Organisation’s Mars Orbiter Mission continues to go well. On an earlier update (11 Nov) the spacecraft’s apogee was increased to 78276 km (48,638 miles), apogee being the part of the orbit where it is farthest from Earth. Another maneuver to increase Apogee has been completed and the current distance has increased to 118,642 km (73,720 miles). ISRO Mars Mission Page.

Plenty of activity to come too. Something like 60 (?) small cubesats are to be sent up in two separate launches on the 20 and 21 November and the SWARM launch on 22 November.

I am hoping the Gaia launch comes off in December too – that’s going to be a fantastic mission.

Busy times!

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