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By The Numbers

Can you imagine a year in space?  In March 2015, 2 space explorers, NASA’s Mark Kelly and Russia’s Mikhail Kornienko started a year-long mission aboard the International Space Station.

The physiological changes will give us some idea what will happen on a longer duration mission such as a trip to Mars.


ISS Reboost

As the International Space Station falls around the Earth, every now and then its orbit needs to be raised. A reboost was done very recently and ESA’s Tim Peake shows us how it was accomplished.

Pre-reboost: 398.2 x 407.4 km – inclination 51.64° – Period: 92.62min (247.4 x 253.1 miles)
Post-reboost: 402.1 x 406.9 km – inclination 51.64° – Period: 92.66min (249.9 x 252.8 miles)


Orbital’s Cygnus Departs ISS

Orbital’s Cygnus cargo ship will be leaving the International Space Station today.  The cargo ship is scheduled to be released from Canadarm 2 at 12:35 UTC.

After it is released there will be two thruster burns on the cargo ship to push it into the atmosphere where it will burn up over the Pacific Ocean.

Coverage starts at 12:00 UTC.  The deorbit burns and re-entry will not be shown on the video.


AggieSat4 and BEVO-2


Tim Peake captured this photo of the Texas A&M AggieSat4 and the Texas University BEVO-2 sats being released from the robotic arm in Japan’s Kibo Laboratory on 29 Jan 2016.  Each of the sats were built by the students in the respective schools.

Credit: NASA/ESA

London Calling


This look at London at night comes from NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren during a nighttime flyover of London on the International Space Station.