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NROL-79 Launch Replay

This launch was delayed a couple of times, but watch as on 01 March 2017 the Untied Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket and classified payload takes flight from the (US) Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The actual launch is about 20 minutes into the video but our host, Amanda Kuker gives us great coverage and plenty of information on how the launches proceed and is well worth the time.

Thanks to ULA for the video.

Busy Days for the ISS

Above is a NASA TV live feed Here’s the replay of the Progress 66 launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Launch time is 00:58 EST / 05:58 UTC. I do not know if this is actually going to be broadcast or not but the feed will be up just in case. The Progress is a cargo ship loaded with supplies for the ISS and crews.

Yes, the Space X Dragon is also a cargo ship loaded with supplies just launched and will be grappled by astronauts Thomas Pesquet of ESA (European Space Agency) and Shane Kimbrough of NASA using the robotic arm on the ISS. Grapple time is 04:30 EST / 09:30 UTC and IS going to be carried live by NASA so I’ll leave the feed up.

BUT WAIT – what about the Dragon grapple? There was an anomaly, Dragon’s onboard computers triggered the abort after recognizing an incorrect value in navigational data about the location of Dragon relative to the space station. Flight controllers immediately began planning for a second rendezvous attempt on Thursday, Feb. 23. — NASA. All does seem well with the spacecraft and there should be no problems with tomorrow’s grapple. The grapple will occur tomorrow morning at about 11:00 UTC / 6:00 EST..

The Progress will arrive at the ISS on 24 February 2017 at 08:34 UTC / 03:34 EST.

Space X Replay

A NASA replay of the launch and mostly correct spelling today even with my dogs help.

I watched a post launch news conference and it seems all is well.

A bit of trivia: Recently I have been listening to an audio course concerning the “Physics of Time” and naturally the speed of light is a part of all that. Well during the launch I noticed that after just over a minute the Falcon 9’s Merlin engines propelled the Dragon to around one-millionth the speed of light (c). Orbital velocity is around c* 0.000025. Not exact? I know, do the math it’s fun!

CRS-10 Launch Coverage

BEAUTIFUL LAUNCH!  The landing of the first stage on solid ground was a success and fun to watch.  Ok pretty much everything was fun to watch.

I’ll leave the “live feed” up for replays they are sure to run and will post a YouTube version when it is available.

Speaking of YouTube, the live feed for YouTube and the Ustream versions differ slightly.  I watched the UStream version on the computer and the YouTube version on the television.  The UStream lagged about 20 seconds behind the YT version.  If you can get YT on your television watch the replays when available – wow.


Launch time correction!

Live coverage to begin at 13:30 UTC / 08:30 EST.

Launch is scheduled for 14:39 UTC / 09:30 EST.

SpaceX Launch Tomorrow

Image: March  2013 during Expedition 34 from NASA as the Dragon is grappled by the station’s robotic arm.

A Space X resupply mission, CRS-10 is scheduled for launch tomorrow.

Mission: CRS -10

 Description: science research, crew supplies and hardware to the orbiting laboratory in support of the Expedition 50 and 51 crew members

Rocket: Space X Falcon 9

Launch time:  14:39 UTC / 09:39 EST
Launch Site: Kennedy Space Center – Pad 39A

Space X will attempt to land the Falcon 9’s first stage on land for the first time. I would think that would be much easier than a floating barge!



CYGNSS Launch – Third Attempt

UPDATE:  YES!  The Pegasus rocket was launched and it delivered its payload of the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS)

Ok, this is the third attempt to get the CYGNSS into orbit!

Launch time is 08:26 ET / 13:26 UTC, pop in and have a look.

I’ll leave the live link up located in an earlier post: CYGNSS Launch.  Fingers crossed, let the third time be a charm.



UPDATE (third time)!  The launch did not go off as planned due to a hydraulic problem on the plane with the release system for the rocket.    15 December they will try again, launch time is the same as the previous attempt so that’s 8:26 ET / 13:26 UT, but the count was pretty close to a launch so I’d be a little early if you want to see it.


LIve link for the launch is up and active below:

CYGNSS or Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System is set to launch today (12 Dec).

CYGNSS is eight small satellites are aimed at improving tropical cyclone forecasting.

Once in orbit, CYGNSS’s micro-satellite observatories will receive direct and reflected signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. The direct signals pinpoint CYGNSS observatory positions, while the reflected signals respond to ocean surface roughness, from which wind speed is retrieved.

“This mission will help us get a better idea of the intensity of tropical cyclones,” said Frank Peri, director of the Earth Systems Science Program Office (ESSPO), based at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.  — NASA

There is a 60 percent chance of launch this morning, and this is not a ground based launch, the satellites are in Orbital Sciences ATK air-launched Pegasus XL rocket and will be launched over the Atlantic.

I’ll add a live video link just prior to the scheduled 08:24 ET / 13:24 UT launch time OR will update with a new launch time should one be necessary.