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Welcome Home Expedition 53 Crew

I was not going to put up a video today since there have been quite a few this week but this one of the Expedition 53 crew’s  ( Sergey Ryazanskiy, Randy Bresnik and Paolo Nespoli ) return to Earth is just too good not to:

The parachute changing shape is really quite interesting.

Hopefully you got a chance to go out and have a look at the Geminid meteor shower or at least got to peek at the Live cam being broadcast from NASA in Huntsville Alabama. The linked video will be up as long as the feed continues.

I did get a chance to watch for a while. I braved the -15 C cold for about 45 minutes and returned into the warm house, it was then I discovered I could watch through a sliding glass door as long as the lights were out, once my eyes adjusted it was fun. The meteor shower will gradually taper off so I would expect to see a few meteors for at least the next few nights.

One of the things I seemed to notice was there would be something of a pause in the activity and all at once you would get five or six meteors in couple of minutes.

Here Come the Supermoons

This year a  trio of supermoons includes one that is a blue moon – a Super Blue Moon.  The first supermoon is in just a couple of days on 03 December 2017.

Here’s Science@NASA’s video “ScienceCasts: A Supermoon Trilogy”:

November Skies

Are typically very cloudy here, actually it is the cloudiest month of the year.  When the sky is clear it tends to be very clear, so what can we see in November? Here are two videos, take you pick.

The first is from JPL:

And the second is from Hubble:

Oh and if anyone is wondering, the power and internet both seem to be back finally.

September Skies

September is a great month for viewing the night skies.  Comfortable temperatures and clear nights make prime conditions especially for telescope users.

What’s Up for September. September already, where did the summer go? The temperature outside right now is 2 C already! No, that’s not unusual at all, it just seems so sudden somehow.

August Skies

August is a GREAT month for watching the night sky. For me, there are two things I am looking for: first the Perseids. The meteor shower peaks on 12 to 13 August. The question is, and what has me concerned is the moon, more about this weekend. Second is the solar eclipse, no surprise there, I have plans even if it is cloudy — ham radio time!

What’s Up for July

Around here the nights are pretty short but warm. Great month to pack up a small telescope and go camping!

Try looking for globular clusters, one of my favorite summer night sights. You will need a star chart, fortunately you can download a great program to help – yes I have used it for a long while and it is free.

Try it out if you want: Cartes du Ciel

Thanks to NASA for the video too.