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Rare Wave Seen on Jupiter


Click the image for a much larger version of this Hubble image of Jupiter.

In Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt, scientists spotted a rare wave that had been seen there only once before. It is similar to a wave that sometimes occurs in Earth’s atmosphere when cyclones are forming. This false-color close-up of Jupiter shows cyclones (arrows) and the wave (vertical lines).

Image: NASA/ESA/GSFC/UCBerkeley/JPL-Caltech/STScI


Space X CRS – 7 Launch

UPDATE:  There was an explosion about a minute into the flight.  Rocket and payload was completely destroyed.  Video and updates to follow.

Mission: SpaceX CRS 7 – Cargo ship to ISS

Spacecraft: Dragon cargo ship atop a Falcon 9 rocket

Current Status: Go

Launch Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Launch Pad: Space Launch Complex 40

Launch Date/Time: 28 June 2015 / 14:21 GMT (10:21 EDT)

Odds of Launch due to weather: 90 percent


Blue Origin

Here is the first flight of the New Shepard space vehicle from Blue Origin. The New Shepard was launched from the Blue Origin launch facility (probably Corn Ranch) near Van Horn Texas. The launch date was 29 April 2015.

A great looking launch sent the spacecraft to an altitude at 93.6 km / 307,000 feet on the first flight. It is a fine way to start, yet according to the news release from Blue Origin the New Shepard’s flight was not “perfect” because of a hydraulic pressure loss, the propulsion module could not be recovered. Don’t be so hard on yourselves, it’s just the first flight. Congrats Blue Origin!

Blue Origin is a privately funded aerospace manufacturer set up by Jeff Bezos ( This is just the first of many more flights from this company. In fact they are already building the Very Big Brother to New Shepard which is an orbital version.


CRS 6 Leaves Falcon Returns

The Space X mission CRS 6 launched yesterday from Cape Canaveral Florida in a beautiful launch and nobody does a launch video like Space X.

Part of the Space X scenario is the ability to return and reuse the Falcon 9 first stage.

Space X doesn’t mean just splash down in the ocean for retrieval but a powered return and landing. No simple feat, the plan is to land on a floating platform.



The image shown is the Falcon 9 first stage just before landing on the platform. Apparently the Falcon landed but “excess lateral velocity” caused it to tip over post landing. There never seems to be video available, too bad the attempts are still incredible.

See more images and a little background here.

Images: Space X