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Intra-planetary Travel with BFR

We do this all the time of course, whether it be on foot or jetting away or anything in between.  We can travel to anyplace on the planet given enough time, but how traveling anywhere about in an hour?

Space X and the “BFR” spaceship are looking to make that possible!


Of course getting to and situated on and off the BFR will add some time but I see this happening.

Return of the Dragon

UPDATE:  The Dragon is home and all is well.

The SpaceX Dragon cargo-ship was scheduled to leave the International Space Station this morning after delivering 2,900 kg / 6,400 lbs of supplies about a month ago.

The departure was scheduled for 08:47 UT / 04:47 ET today (17 Sept 2017) at the end of the Canadarm2 by Expedition 53 Flight Engineer Paolo Nespoli of ESA (European Space Agency) with the assistance of station Commander Randy Bresnik of NASA.

Dragon’s thrusters will be fired to move the spacecraft a safe distance from the station before SpaceX flight controllers in Hawthorne, California, command its deorbit burn. The spacecraft will splash down at about 14:16 UT 10:16 ET in the Pacific Ocean, where recovery forces will retrieve Dragon and approximately 3,800 pounds of cargo. This will include science samples from human and animal research, biology and biotechnology studies, physical science investigations and education activities. The deorbit burn and splashdown will not be broadcast on NASA TV.

NASA and the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), the nonprofit organization that manages research aboard the U.S. national laboratory portion of the space station, will receive time-sensitive samples and begin working with researchers to process and distribute them within 48 hours of splashdown.

In the event of adverse weather conditions in the Pacific, the backup departure and splashdown date is Sept. 20.

With any luck we might get video of the re-entry.

Image: NASA

Space X Launch – Replay

WOW! Always impressive to see that first stage landing! Replays when available.

Space X set to launch the OTV-5 mission. The OTV is the X-37B and we will not be seeing too much after separation I would think. We will see the attempt to land the first stage of rocket and that will end the coverage. The landing attempt will be a land attempt at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station about 14 km from the launch site.

LAUNCH WINDOW: 13:50 UT/09:50 ET to 18:55 UT / 14:55 ET Looks like they are shooting for 14:00 UT / 10:00 ET for launch.

Space X Launch Today

UPDATE:  Launch coverage begins at 13:45 UT / 09:45 ET.  There will be a feed posted.

LAUNCH WINDOW: 13:50 UT/09:50 ET to 18:55 UT / 14:55 ET

Space X has a launch from Kennedy Space Center today. Probably a good idea to get the Falcon 9 in the air soon, Hurricane Irma is on the way and the track now puts it close to the space center in the coming days.

The image above was taken by William Harwood/CBS News of the result of an earlier (31 Aug) practice countdown and firing the nine Merlin 1D engines on the Falcon 9 to an output of 1.7 millions pounds / 862,000 kg of thrust. The hold down restraints worked perfectly.

The payload is the US Air Force’s X-37B spaceplane, or Orbital Test Vehicle beyond that we don’t know anything.

I will keep an eye out for a video feed.

CRS – 12 Launch Replay


I like the clocks, the last launch I noted both in a spreadsheet using values every few seconds and graphed the result.  Sadly I did not get a full set start to finish because they switch the data stream to different parts of the spacecraft, i.e: the different stages 1/2.  Still it was an interesting exercise.

SpaceX to Try Again

The last two attempts resulted in “aborts” at T-9 seconds due to guidance system errors.

Launch time: 23:37 UTC / 19:37 EDT

Good luck SpaceX

T minus 1:00, need to make it past t minus (t-) 9 seconds.

Yes! Launch!

Up and moving, love the ground camera.

Max Q? Yes!

MECO? Perfect. The 1st stage is separated and upper stage running.

Second stage shutdown and all looks good.

SpaceX Launch – Replay

If you miss the launch, I will have a replay up shortly.

WOW! Great landing on the drone ship in the Pacific, just about perfect. Imagine that, one company, two launches from two locations and even two successful first-stage landing on drone ships in two different oceans in what? Two days! (23 and 25 June).

The video as posted is actually still rendering so it might not be available straight-away.