Coldest Spot in Universe

The coolest place in the universe will soon be on the International Space Station.


3 thoughts on “Coldest Spot in Universe

  1. Non related to your post but I am wondering if you could help me answer my sons latest question or point me in the right direction. He would like to know if there are cryovolcanoes on haumea on account of it having an icy crust x thanks x

  2. I don’t think anybody knows, however, unless it is being acted on gravitationally by another larger body, large enough to stretch and squeeze Haumea and inducing heat internally I would doubt it. Another thing is I believe Haumea is not a classically round shape so it may not have enough internal heating to cause cryovolcanism. So I would tend to doubt it would. Still, like I said no once knows and not that much “heat” is needed if the “lava” is semi-frozen or liquid nitrogen or the like. Not too much help am I? LOL.

  3. A great help. I kind of thought nobody probably knows for sure but I never thought about it like that lol I shall tell him thank you.

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