Lunar crater Gassendi.  Image: Andrew
Lunar crater Gassendi. Image: Andrew

Here is one of Andrew’s moon image, this one shows the family of craters called Gassendi.

The main crater, Gassendi, is the larger circular formation. You can easily see the two cental peaks in the crater rising nearly 4,000 feet (1,200 meters). The crater itself is about 67 miles (111 km) in diameter. The crater is located on the northern part of Mare Humorum (Sea of Moisture) which was I believe on the list of possible landing sites in the Apollo program.  Here is Gassendi from the LROC the crater detail is amazing.

Specifically the crater is located at:

Longitude: 39.964° West
Latitude: 17.555° South

I annotated the image with the names of some of the more obvious Gassendi family members i.e: Gassendi A, Gassendi B etc. Some of the family are hidden in the main crater so not all of them show up well — click here for the annotated version.

The resolution is pretty good, especially considering these craters were not what Andrew was targeting, for example Gassendi Y is only 3km / 2 miles across.

Gassendi was a 16th century French astronomer who pioneered observtions with a refracting telescope.

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