Giordano Bruno Crater

Here is a wonderful picture of the crater Giaordano Bruno taken by the LROC camera aboard the Lunar Reconnainse Orbiter.

The crater is about 22 x 22 km / 13 x 13 miles and is named for the Italian philospher born in 1548.

I also want to introduce you to a bit of software I have on every computer I own. The program is called the Virtual Moon Atlas. I have used this for YEARS and love it. Oh yes, the cost for this program is ZERO. Yes, free.

I like to pick out a crater on the moon (eyes to binocular to telescope size) and locate it on the Atlas and the wealth of information, well you have to try it. Or do the reverse pick out an crater on the Atlas and locate it.

Download it here at SourceForge and enjoy!

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