Happy PI Day!

Almost missed it being  in the middle of a snow storm, right now  and all.  The snow is  coming down about 5 or so cm per hour (2 inches).  Been snowing at that rate for some time and it will continue until we finish up with a forecasted 60 cm / 24 inches.  I’m figuring we will make that number easy enough.

The snow is pretty dry so far, about a 15:1 ratio, snow to water.  That’s good for moving the stuff, light weight and not sticky.  What the wind will do is a whole other story and that chapter is supposed to be written later on.  No, I’m not doing either of my two driveways completely.  I am just doing the interfaces with the highway so the plow doesn’t put a huge snowbank in the way.  Been there and done that. . . didn’t like it at all.

So back to PI Day.  I memorized PI to 3.141592653589793238462643383279502 once and still can get almost that many digits now.  Funny what you can remember.

So want to see PI to a million digits?  I know you do (LOL), check out this site:





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