Herschel Looks Back to the Beginning

Deflected light from the Big Bang. Artists concept: ESA
Deflected light from the Big Bang. Artists concept: ESA

A timely piece from ESA and Herschel because in the past few weeks I’ve been reviewing this time period. We cannot look back much further, if any, to the 380,000 year point (after the big bang) that I know of because before that the temperatures generated were too high; the universe was a dense mix of ions and free electrons.  There were so many free electrons the photons were scattered and the universe was opaque.

Once the temperature dropped below 3,000 K, atoms formed and the number of free electrons dropped to the point where photons could escape and bingo, the Universe became transparent.

Those photons became a 3000 K blackbody. As time went on and the universe expanded (and it still is) those blackbody photons redshifted, redder wavelengths means cooler temperatures until we see it now as 2.7 K.

The idea of polarization, I’m still getting a handle on especially the “B-mode”. I’m currently reading one of Stephen Hawking’s books with a short section on polarization – this release helped clear up a few things.

From ESA and Herschel:

Using a telescope in Antarctica and ESA’s Herschel space observatory, astronomers have made the first detection of a subtle twist in the relic radiation from the Big Bang, paving the way towards revealing the first moments of the Universe’s existence.

The elusive signal was found in the way the first light in the Universe has been deflected during its journey to Earth by intervening galaxy clusters and dark matter, an invisible substance that is detected only indirectly through its gravitational influence.

The discovery points the way towards finding evidence for gravitational waves born during the Universe’s rapid ‘inflation’ phase, a crucial result keenly anticipated from ESA’s Planck mission.

The relic radiation from the Big Bang – the Cosmic Microwave Background, or CMB – was imprinted on the sky when the Universe was just 380 000 years old. Today, some 13.8 billion years later, we see it as a sky filled with radio waves at a temperature of just 2.7 degrees above absolute zero.

Read the rest at ESA.

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  1. quote…..” first light in the Universe has been deflected during its journey to Earth by intervening galaxy clusters and dark matter, ” enquote ….huh ?? galalactic structure BEFORE the big bang ?? that quote is very ambiguous…..just exctly wht did they mean by galaxy…..primary sequence or secondary sequence ? query ” if the big bang is the raison de etre for the existence of the universe then how is it the universe exists before the big bang ?? perhaps we need to rethink our concept of big bang and redefine it as the big combustion , which by default infers that this is an ungoing event , which by the way , fits perfectly with a model i postulated some 25 years ago or so that i refer to as the ” Universe Engine ” or in more descriptive form the ” dumbell pancake universe ” to define then….i envision a pancake which is made up of 3 rings ( torus ) which expand out form the central node of the universe. each ring represents a stage or ” evolutionary point ” of the bbe. T1 = matter stability . T2 – rarification of matter ( sub-atomic constituent parts ) T3 = zero point energy ( no motion , no spin , no potential ) it is at t3 stage that all like minded particles are disolved into base particles and those of + value ( for lack of better terms ) move upward and those of – value move downwards. at this point i interject the principal of displacement and say ” Space always wants to return from whence it came ” . In terms of say water and a tin can sealed as you place it into the water submerged the water wants to return from whence it came (displacement ) this by way of the expnsion of matter outwards combined with the inward force of space results in base matter forming a spherical shell in which there is a motion towards the axis of the universe. this axis is responsible for forming the nodes top and bottom ( dumbells ) and over time they acquire great deal of mass and are caused to project towards each other a limb ( gravity ). it is along these 2 limbs which ultimately meet at the central focus of the universe that base matter is redefined as energy. after all , the central focus is never actually destroyed in the so called big bang but rather , it erupts along its equatorial plane . it forms a new torus. ipso facto …T3 is no more , T2 = T3 , T1 = T2 and T1 = new torus. hence the cyclic nature or ” engine universe ” which by linguistics becomes ” The Universe Engine ” draw this…..x and y plane isometric z vertice = to the x y axis lines . at the intersect make a dense shaded focus ball then at a short distnce draw a small circle which is T1, then at a log scale along the same x or y plane draw a medium circle which is T2 and finally at log scale T3 , a larger circle. stab the paper with the pencil point lightly between the rings but less so as you move out wards. this is matter left behind as the rings expand. this is the ” pancake ” now , from the T3 points drawa light sphere that intersects the z vertice , this is the shell and finally at the intersetc of the z vertice and the shell , shade a large circle top and bottom , draw in a taper to the central focus top and bottom and shade that accordingly. this is the dumbell. as critical mass is acquired at the Cf , it erupts and the process continues…. anew ring is born. I sure hope you chose to do this on a blackboard with chalk and you used creative flair when doing so…..now step back a ways and look at it……NOW HERE COMES THE INCREDIBLE PART…..all through out humanity there has been discovery and wonderment derived from dreams…..in my dream i saw this and more…..i saw a matrix grid with UE’s at each and every intersect and that this form extended for infinity , along the x the y and the z axis were engines ………. this is the beauty of it all ….we are not alone.

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