Juno update

Juno’s position on 18 Jan 2013. from the Solar System Simulator (linked below)

Since I’ve been looking at a couple updates from long duration missions this week (including the Rosetta Wake up now just hours away!!) I was wondering about what was going on with Juno.

The image depicts Juno’s position today, which by the way you can look at anytime along with a variety of other spacecraft to include Rosetta and the Voyagers, even moons at the NASA/JPL Solar System Simulator.

So, there’s not much to tell. I know, that sounds funny, the fact of the matter is this is good, it means all is well. Additional parts of the solar panel arrays were enabled by the Juno Operations team according to schedule on 07 January. The extra power will be necessary as the spacecraft jets further from the Sun. The last of the panels will be enabled in September.

NASA has a 10 January update of the journey so far:

Distance from Earth: 125 million km / 78 million miles

Radio distance (one way): about 7 minutes

Relative to Sun (about): 28 km/sec or 17 miles/sec
Relative to Earth (about): 26 km/sec or 16 miles/sec

Odometer: 1.87 billion km / 1.16 billion miles. This is also 12.5 AU (6.25 round trips to the Sun)

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