Launch Day!

Here’s the replay. There was a short replay posted yesterday, but I opted for the longer verison.

I set the video to start at 19 minutes into the video, which is T minus 1 minute.


For the Ariane Launch:

I am not able to embed the video properly so here is the link.  Replay when available.

So for all the drama I put myself through,  the launch was great but overcast skies limited viewing some.  None the less, they do a nice job on the live feed.

I thought I had made a mess of the launch dates but as it turns out not so much!  Two launches within about an hour would have been a treat!

UPADATE:  SpaceX requested additional time for prelaunch ground systems checks, so the launch is moved to “no earlier”  than  tomorrow (13 December) times as below for now.

Space X is launching the Dragon in the re-supply mission CRS-13 Launch is scheduled for 16:46 UTC (11:46 EST). Check here after 15:50 or so for live coverage.  The video says tomorrow but that was a back up date.





UPDATE 2:  I have not found a live feed for this launch and it is getting pretty close.

Arianespace Flight VA240  is scheduled for launch at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, lift off time is 18:36 UTC (13:36 EST). This is an Ariane 5 rocket, so I am hoping to have a live feed of the launch, and we should.

I will put up replays as they are available.

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