Magnetic Loops

Towering coils on the Sun. Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA.

The Solar Dynamic Observatory gives us this view of loops of magnetic field lines from a few days ago.

There are videos available at the site (link below) all of which show about 36 hours of activity.  Of the choices I liked this one the best on this computer.

Also  a reminder (as if you really need one) Rosetta is scheduled to hear the alarm clock go off at 10:00 UTC tomorrow morning. Let’s hope the spacecraft wakes rested and ready to go.

The SDO caption:

A large active region sported tall coils of magnetic field lines that stretched many times the size of Earth above the Sun (Jan. 14-15, 2014). When viewed in extreme ultraviolet light, the field lines are revealed due to particles spinning along them. Some of the lines reach out and connect with another active region that has just rotated out of view. The close-up also shows darker, and therefore cooler plasma, just above the surface being tugged back and forth by magnetic forces.

Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA.

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