Moon Calendar

Welcome to our instant Moon Calendar which is always fresh, always updated with current moon information, and a very useful tool for past and future moon phases. Our wonderful moon is of course always changing, moment to moment, day to day.

5 thoughts on “Moon Calendar

  1. Interesting stuff..I enjoy seein stars in the sky.Though i wish i could see them through a Telescope..Might see the planets..

    • Yes! Go back a few posts and grab a copy of Stellarium. If you have a pair of binoculars you have a great start. I’m going to do a a series about viewing with binoculars too.

    • Well let’s see, someday it will happen, talking about a damaging impact. The biggest thing we know about is Apophis, and that is a pretty low probably. Small impacts happen quite frequently with most burning up in the atmosphere, others do impact like the Russian meteor.

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