Mystery Spots on Ceres

A nice look at some of those mysterious white spots on Ceres. The area shown above is some of the brightest on the dwarf planet.

From the Dawn vantage point of just 385 km / 240 miles scientists believe the white material is some of salt.

Looking in the center of the image at the grooved or canyon-like features it appears the ‘salts’ are not inside at the bottom – click the image to see the larger version. The mountainous feature is completely covered including irregular terrain. So knowing what type of salt we are looking at will go a long ways towards solving the second part and larger part of the mystery: how the salts came to be where they are.

The resolution of the image is very good showing 35 meters / 120 feet per pixel. I am going out on a limb and say those canyon-like features are about 210 meters / 690 feet across.


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