Parker Solar Probe Launch – Scrubbed

Earlier . . .
So here it is a hour after the initial launch time and the count is under way again.

New T-Zero time is 08:28 UT /04:28 ET – Sunday 12 August 2018.

Nix that, there is a hold at T minus 1:55

Clock is re-set to T-4

Is this scrubbed? Not much window time left.

Yes, SCRUBBED. The next try will be tomorrow (same time). I’ll leave the feed up for a time.

You could hear the disappointment in the voices of the launch team. This is an important mission so everything needs to be spot on.

I will update with a reason for the delay, they said but I missed it – noisy here this morning.

Gaseous Helium alarm has been indicated. The launch might NOT happen tomorrow depending on what is actually going on. Stay tuned.

By the way, if you are interested in hearing the Kennedy communications, you can usually hear them during launches at

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