Sleds of Dry Ice

Dry Ice Snowboards on Mars

I saw this title on the Science@NASA site, I was a little skeptical.

Not anymore, below is a video from that article on Science@NASA, pay it a visit if you have few extra minutes.

Here’s the video:


Boy, now I have just got to try this. Next time I have dry ice I’m going to try it. I’ve introduced and watched dry ice in a variety of environments: dry, damp, flooded, hot cold etc. I’m up for it .

You have no doubt heard of freezing things in liquid nitrogen I’m sure. I’ve not done that but I have had the fortune to be able so freeze bits of stuff in liquid oxygen a few times. LOL, no I’m not kidding, it’s true. I have a LOX system here and on rare occasions a valve on a tank will start to seep so I could collect up some liquid. It’s a pretty dangerous thing really, I’ve been cold burned (not badly) from a valve handle that was frozen open and I wasn’t using a glove at first. You only do that once the cold is amazing.

No I do not recommend doing anything of the sort with liquid gasses, don’t do it!


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