Space Warps Project

An example of a gravitational lens from Project’s Spotters Guide. About 1/3 the width if the image in from the right and from the bottom. Credit: Zooniverse

Need a fun project you can do in your spare minutes? Zooniverse has new one that might suit you. It’s their new Space Warps project and you will be looking for gravitational lenses in the distant universe. Gravitational lenses are really cool!!!

Before you go into a tizzy on me, yes you CAN do this. Zooniverse will quickly teach you everything you need to know, they do a marvelous job in that regard, so give it a try.  Besides their projects are always so cool.

The images have never been seen before, but have been checked with computer algorithms but it takes a human eye to catch them all. You could well be able to make some amazing discoveries – seriously.

To learn more and sign up, click here, be sure check out the Spotter’s Guide.

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