Space X Launches Inmarsat-5

The launch of the Inmarsat-5 from Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A). LC-39A saw many of the Apollo missions and eventually Apollo 11. After Apollo LC-39A was used for the Shuttle program and now the site is being used by Space X and after much modification Space X can support launches of both commercial and crew missions on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles.

This is the fourth of the Inmarsat-5 spacecraft in the Global Xpress (GX) constellation. Inmarsat, the only operator of a global Ka-band network, created the GX platform to enable communities across the world to benefit from the emerging digital society.

Because of mission requirements there was no attempt to land the Falcon 9 rocket. is about 9-minutes into the video.

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