Super Moon


Edit: No moon for me.  Rain instead despite the forecast. I have to say, I like the weather guy on the news station I watch, he adds tidbits like the super moon, bright ISS passes etc.  So I’ll give him a pass.  That and the only bit of the state getting rain, an east to west swath about 40 k / 25 miles wide and maybe 75 miles long, located on top of my area.

I also just found out the B&I Lions play the Rebels next week.

Good questions, good answers.

The moon is quite striking, I got to do some looking at it last night. Scratched my sunglasses in the process bumping into the lens of the scope. They are still usable and yes it was worth it;  if you’ve spent much time looking at the moon through a scope you know what I’m talking about. Take a few minutes and give it a good look if you can.

This makes sense if you watch the video: Want to know what some of my favorite LRO images are? Boulder tracks. LOL.

Having a good day, started the day off watching the British and Irish Lions kick some Australian booty in Rugby. Oh sure it was a close score (21 – 23) but quite a few of the Wallabies were carried off the pitch. They play each other on the next two Saturday’s too I believe, good times.

Now I’m off to finish building my new ultra-light fishing rod, I want to test it out tomorrow. YAY!


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