The Perseids are Coming!


Arguably one of, if not the finest showers of the year even aside from the fireballs and when one of them comes along, the wow factor goes way up. Bonus city!

I’ll have more on the shower itself in a few days. For now this shower is perfect for that camping trip you keep putting off. I think this is going to be a good year too, the moon will set at 10:38 local time and it’s only about a third full so it shouldn’t be much of an issue. The weather would be the only concern.

If you have never seen a meteor shower before, I mean other than a few “shooting stars”  by accident, this is THE one to see!

Me? If I have the weather you just know I’m going to take the 13th off!  I am going to be situated in one of those lawn chairs you can pretty much turn into a cot. Oh yeah, nice and comfortable (that’s the key) I’m SO ready.


8 thoughts on “The Perseids are Coming!

  1. You didn’t tell us when?!
    After all these years, some of them camped out to watch it, I should already know, but I don’t.

  2. Hey Ken,
    If you can not see the video, upgrade your Adobe flash player.
    The peak are on the nights of August 12-13th.
    Clear Skies

  3. It was probably intended as spam advertising his site where he sells birthday greetings? And then the link did not make it through?

  4. Yes, my filter is working hard.

    Say the Hubble pass sounds good nice and bright, there could be other satellite passes too. Usually I have to look them up after the fact. Yes the 12/13th is the peak and they can be seen outside those dates a little. I have the 13th off so I can be up late if I want to, more likely I will get up about 2am local time IF I have no clouds that is. My sky is like black velvet at that time and until daybreak.

  5. Thanks. My bad. I didn’t watch the vid, just read the article. I usually visit here as I am readying myself for work in the mornings (like now), so time is at a premium.

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