Trio In the Evening Sky

I took this picture off the back deck the night before last. The crescent moon, Venus (to the right and also in a crescent phase), and Mars (above moon at the top). A very pleasing sight. The camera was a Nikon Coolpix and I have to say, it’s not a great camera for this type of thing.

I think it is going to snow here again, however, if you have nice skies at about 18:30 (your local time) tonight take a look to the west. You will see the Moon higher in the sky, Venus will be very bright and lower towards the horizon and Mars will be between the two about a quarter of the way from Venus and the moon. About halfway between Mars and the Moon you might be able to spot Uranus. It is a magnitude 5.5 or thereabouts so you might be able to see it with just your eye, but use binoculars and save yourself some time.

Trouble seeing Mars? Try the annotated image.

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