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Pictures of The Moon


The Moon


  • Full disk from an unusual perspective 106k gif
  • Another full Moon 300k jpg
  • Several of my own images including a large full moon mosaic and some lunar close-ups html
  • the farside 342k gif
  • projection of the whole surface (from Clementine images) 330k jpg; 1200k tiff
  • Crater Copernicus from HST html
  • view from Apollo 17 landing site 291k gif
  • panorama from Apollo 17 landing site 94k jpg
  • orbiter view of Apollo 17 landing site 72k gif; 164k jpg
  • Lunar Rover 272k gif
  • Buzz Aldrin, second man on the Moon 98k jpg; 28k gif
  • First footprint on the Moon 65k gif
  • GOES satellite image of Earth showing Moon in same frame 92k gif
  • Moon's north pole from Galileo 132k gif
  • Earth and Moon taken from Galileo 76k gif; 36k gif (caption)
  • False-Color mosiac of the moon, showing part of the dark side 94k gif
  • Earthrise on the Moon 150k gif; html
  • The east side of the moon (hidden part) 105k gif
  • Moon in 2nd Galileo flyby with grid overlaid P-41475 154K gif
  • Moon from Galileo (unusual perspectives) 38k gif; 13k jpg;
  • Taurus-Littrow region 146k gif
  • Harrison Schmitt at North Masif site 200k gif
  • Astronaut standing near Plum Crater 180k gif
  • Hadley Rille from space 179k gif
  • Hadley from the surface 193k gif
  • Highland Anorthosite, 4.4 billion years old 197k gif
  • Mare Basalt 244k gif
  • Highland Breccia 143k gif
  • Three-filter color image of the Moon (Galileo) 57k jpg
  • False-color image of the Moon (Galileo) 123k jpg
  • Another false color image from Galileo html
  • False-color image of Mare Tranquilitatis and Mare Serenitatis (Galileo) 145k jpg
  • False-color image of the Moon (Galileo) 53k jpg
  • Star Tracker mosaic (Clementine) 54k jpg
  • Mosaic of the center of Tycho (Clementine) 55k jpg
  • Color ratio image of Tycho (Clementine) 54k jpg
  • Ultraviolet/Visible (UV/Vis) imager (Clementine) 8k jpg
  • Long-Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) imager (Clementine) 5k jpg
  • Near Infrared (NIR) imager (Clementine) 16k jpg
  • High-resolution (HIRES) imager (Clementine) 15k jpg
  • Star trackers (Clementine) 41k jpg
  • Infrared image from MSX 35k jpg (caption)
  • Mare Orientale 256k gif
  • the north polar region html
  • the south pole (caption) 763k gif (caption)


  • Astronauts walking near US flag and lunar lander 118k mpg
  • A dramatic view the moon with Venus in the distance 82k mpeg
  • Galileo Moon Encounter 8000k AVI
  • Time-lapse sequence of Earth moon system from Galileo 382k FLI
  • Clementine images showing the Apollo 16 lunar landing site 212k MPEG
  • more on Earth images page

    Other Resources

  • Apollo images ftp directory
  • Apollo info and images html
  • Clementine CDROMs html
  • Clementine images image browser; a few processed images from usgs
  • Galileo images
  • Large collection of Moon AVI animations from SEDS ftp directory.

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