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Pictures of Pluto and Charon


Pluto and Charon


  • Pluto surface details from HST 29k jpg; 62k gif; 194k jpg (caption)
  • Pluto surface map (from above HST images) 108k gif; 218k jpg (caption)
  • Pluto (constructed from earth-based occultation measurements) 18k gif
  • two maps of Pluto's surface brightness 131k jpg
  • HST view of Pluto and Charon (FOC/COSTAR) 10k jpg; 19k gif
  • B&W version of above 10k gif
  • HST image of Pluto (pre COSTAR) 147k gif
  • Charon discovery image (showing elongation of Pluto's image) 476k jpg
  • Charon (constructed from earth-based occultation measurements) 11k gif
  • Pluto and Charon 144k gif
  • Pluto/Charon from NOT 36k gif
  • maps of Pluto and Charon html
  • map of Charon 5k jpg
  • US Postage stamp: "Pluto Not Yet Explored" 66k gif


  • Rotating Pluto animation (HST) 614k mpg

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