Amateur Astronomical Observatories

Examples of small observatories that individual amateur astronomers have built for personal use. I started this list when doing research before building my own observatory. I got a lot of good ideas by looking at what others had done. Perhaps you will, too 🙂

Building a small observatory is not all that hard. A simple roll-off roof design can be built in a few days with simple tools and materials easily available in your local building supply store. A dome is much more complicated but still can be done with more careful planning. Or you can buy a kit.

Note: New entries are marked with an asterisk


SkyShed, very nice roll-off plans, kits and installations
At Home In A Dome
Backyard Observatories, custom roll-offs
Candomes Observatories, Ltd.
Durango Skies

Roll Off Roofs

Abre Los Ojos
Agent Observatory
Andrew Bray
Paolo Aldinucci
Altan Observatory
Paul Andrew
Arctic Industries Optical Division
Area 52 Observatory
Ash Observatory
Ashen Path Observatory
Astronomical Research Observatory
Astropixlar (Swedish)
The AstroShed
AstroSpringville, several observatories
Ballauer Observatory
Observatorio de la Ballona
Birch Tree Observatory
Birmingham Astronomical Observatory
Black Star Observatory
BlindEye Observatory
Jean-Pierre Bousquet
Bright Skies Observatory
Brooklyn Street Observatory
Buckhorn Observatory
Buena Vista Observatory
Bush Observatory
Observatori de Can Duran
Alan Castillo
Cat’s Paw Observatory
Cave Creek Observatory
Center Street Observatory
Dale Chamberlain Observatory
Chickens in the Mist Observatory
Chico Community Observatory
Cloudbait Observatory
CopperHead Ridge Observatory
Corydon Ridge Observatory
Coyote Observatory
Cradle-Ribeiro Observatory
Darklight Observatory
Dark Skies Observatory
Tom Diana
Don Dillinger’s Garden Shed Obsevatory
The Original Dobservatory
Mike Dodd
Dog House Astronomy
Dogwood Ridge Observatory
Rick Drozd
DuPage Valley Observatory
Martyn Elliot
ELT Observatory
Eta Carina Observatory
Flarestar Observatory
David Fansler
Darin Fields
Flint Hill Observatory
Marcel Fontaine
Frisco Observatory
Frome Valley Observatory
fredgui78 Observatory
Wayne Gay
Goodricke-Pigott Observatory
Graham Observatory
Grampian Stars Observatory
Haltom City Observatory
Harvest Moon Observatory
Hidden Loft Observatory
Hill Observatory
Hocking Hills Observatory
Hopkins Phoenix Observatory
Houston Astronomical Society
Hunters Hill Observatory
Hyde Memorial Observatory
Indian Hill Observatory
Christoph Joppa
W.M. Keck Observatory !!
Key Hole Observatory
Kiesel Park Observatory
Kochab Observatory
Frans Lalleman
Land of Oz Observatory
Shane LaPierre
Laurent CORP
Steve Lee
Lentin Observatory
Linnhe Observatory
*Observatorio Lledoner
Lost Valley Observatory
MAC-Hunter Observing Site
Observatorio Mackay-J48
Ricardo Magalhães
Maidenwell Astronomical Observatory
William R. Mattil
Meixner Observatorium
Robert Mauran
Meadow View Observatory
Mole Manor Observatory
Morning Star Observatory
David Morris
Enrico Moltisanti
Mount View Observatory
M.T.S.O. Observatory
Nanango TIE QUT Observatory
Northern Stars Observatory
Nova Quest Observatory
Olympus Mons Observatory
Onan Observatory
Orange County Astronomers
Observatoire D’Orange
Owl Observatory
Valère Perroud
Observatoire Le Petit Borobia
Chris Picking
Piesport Observatory
Pine Forest Observatory
Pinhead Observatory 2
Planetary Perch Observatory
Pleasant Valley Observatory – Northern Arizona
Plus Ultra
The Point Observatory
L’Osservatore Ponte di Legno
Pop The Top Observatory
Mickael Porte
Prairie Grass Observatory
Ptolemy’s Cafe
Putlands Observatory
Rancho DeLUX
Pedro Re
Red Barn Observatory
Observatory RigoRigo
Roropoulos Arxetypo Observatory
Rott’n Paws Observatory
Scutum Observatory
Marc Serrau
Seven Hills Observatory
Sierra Remote Observatories
Osservatorio Sintini
The Sillegården Observatory
Skafars Universe
SkyNet Observatory
The SkyRunner Observatory
South Tamworth Observatory
Spot Observatory
Starfield Observatory
Starhoo Observatory
Starlight Cascade Observatory
StarNavigator Astronomical Observatory
Starwood Observatory
STI Observatory
Stone Haven Observatory
Sweet Hill Observatory
Taconic Observatory
Taurus Observatory at DAV
Tim’s StarDust Observatory
Three Fathoms Observatory
Timber Rock Observatory
Todi Astronomical Observatory
Cédric Thomas
Tweenhills Observatory
TwinOaks Observatory
Twin Pines Observatory
Observatoire du Val
Vanishing Point Observatory
Vedeler Observatory
Very Small Optical Observatory
Viento Ridge Observatory
Vitovlje Observatory
Watauga Skies Observatory
John Watzke
Westminster Astronomical Society
          West Valley Observatory
Whistlestop Observatory
Windsong Observatory
Winer Observatory
Woodlands Observatory
Denny Woolaghan
York Creek Observatory
Zen Observatory
Zephyr Ridge Observatory
Zeta UMa Observatory  


Abbey Ridge Observatory
Adirondack Skies Imaging Observatory
Observatorio Los Algarrobos
Amos Observatory
Arch Cape Observatory
Arcturus Observatory
Angelo Arelli
Astraeus Observatory
The Astronomy Center
Osservatorio Astronomico Bassano
Observatorio Astronomico Melaga
Baker Observatory
Bauerville Observatory
Bellcroft Observatory
Beinn View Observatory
Bel Tor Observatory
Benmore Peak Observatory
Biggs Observatory
Bil Hill Observatory
Birch Grove Observatory
Boothe Memorial Astronomical Society
Brayebrook Observatory
Las Brisas Observatory
Bronsonian Observatory
Aben Brown’s Minidome
Camberley Observatory
Observatorio Las Cangrejeras
Cassiopeia Observatory
Cedar Glen Observatory
Chanctonbury Observatory
Chumack Observatory
City Observatory
Clanfield Observatory
Doug Clapp
Clearview Farm Observatory
Observatori Astronomic de Consell
Croatian Amateur Astronomy
Cymbeline Observatory
Deis Observatory
Digital SF Observatory
José Carlos Diniz
Deep Sky Observatory
Maxim Deminsky
Dimension Point Astronomical Observatory
DPP Observatory
Eagle Rock Observatory
Earwig Haven Observatory
Elk Creek Observatory
Flagey Felopaul Observatory
Fohbr Observatoriet
Frog Rock Observatory
Observatoire Gap-47
Joe Garlitz
Gilday Observatory
Heaven’s Glory Observatory
Goldendale Observatory
Gary Gonnella
Good Night Observatory
Green Island Observatory
Grenville Base Observatory
Grimée Observatory
Halfmoon Stream Observatory
Hercules Observatory
High Plains Observatory
Holly Dome Observatory
Horizontal Heavens Observtory
Ironpan Observatory
Ironwood Observatories
JAT Observatory
Jornada Observatory
R.F. Joyce Observatory
Kotipu Place Observatory
Observatorio Las Palmas
Lahti Ursa Observatory (Finnish)
Littlebear Observatory
Lone Star Observatory
Lucky Dog Observatory
MacSaySo Observatory
Madison Astronomical Society
Ed Majden’s Observatory
Martz Observatory
Mauna Keratea Observatory
Observatorio Astronomico Municipal de Mercedes
Pete Mills
Milwaukee Astronomical Society
Mistletoe Observatory
Monoceros Observatory
Observatorio Montaña Cabreja
*MonteVenere Observatory
Morgan County Observatory
Mt. Campbell Observatory
Murmer Creek Observatory
The Mueller Observatory
Nepean Observatory
Newcastle Observatory
New Forest Observatory
NF/ Observatory
New Jersey Astronomical Association
Nikau Observatory
Nova Astrophoto
Nyrola Observatory
OACP (Observatorio Astronómico Camino de Palomares)
*Observatorio Magnitud 4
The Octadome
Kunihiko Okano
Orbit House Observatory
Orion Observatories
Patina Gardens Observatory
Pebble Beach Obseratory
Pegasus Octagonian Observatory
Phatbobs Happy Place
Observatoire du Pic des Fées
Pickney Ridge Observatory
Pinhead Observatory
Pleasant Ridge Observatory
Powell Observatory
Prairie Grass Observatory
Prairehill Farm Observatory
Pedro Re
Robert Reeves
Glen D. Riley Observatory
Ritchie Observatory
Plover Hill Observatory
Paul Robinson Observatory, NJAA
RD-1 Remote Observatory
Warren Rupp Observatory
RVO Observatory
Jan Sandberg
Observatori Astronòmic de Sant Julià de Vilatorta
Werner Schmidt Observatory
L’Observatoire de Seloncourt
Seething Observatory
Sherwood Observatory
Simon’s Dome
Skybadger Observatory
Smith Observatory
Smoggy Bottom Observatory
Sola Virtus Observatory
Amateur Observatory of South Finland
Stargate 4173 at Grimaldi Tower
Starhouse Observatory
The Stirland Observatory
Stradoun Observatory
Taurus Hill Observatory
Terra Rouge Observatory
Three Buttes Observatory
Three Rivers Observatory
Thrush Observatory
TOC Observatory
Esteban Troncoso
Twillingate Astronomical Observatory
Domi Verrascina
James C. Veen Observatory, two domes
Vitovlje Observatory
Math Vos
Waning Moon
Wishing Star Observatory
Worchester Park Observatory
Xanadu Observatory
York Creek Observatory

Other Designs

Angel Light Observatory
Observatoire D’Arbaz – Anzere
ARGO Cooperative Observatory
Astroscopic Labs Observatory
Ballarat Observatory
Burton View Observatory
Massimo Caimmi
Michael Caligiuri
Club Observatory Columba
Conlin Hill Observatory
Deerlick Astronomy Village
The Down Under Observatory (a bat-wing style)
Greenbox Observatory
Bert Katzung
The Kielder Road Observatory
Stefano Klett
Lake Istokpoga Observatory
Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society
Lookum Observatory
Jim Loudon Observatory
Osservatorio Mazzotti
Oak Hill Star Shed Observatory
Oil Region Astronomical Observatory
The Outhouse
Possum Observatory, a rotating building
Red N’ Blue Observatory
Norman Reynolds
Rich Observatory
Observatorio Santa Elena
Seffner Telescope and Research
Split Rock Observatory
Star Deck Observatory
Star Watcher Observatory, Phil Harrington
Don Stefanik
Sunflower Observatory
Tenagra Observatories
Federico Testa
VSOR Observatory
Whitepeak Observatory
Windy Ridge Observatory


Bill Arnett’s temporary hack
several at MAPUG
Bert Katzung
Le Sueur Manf. Co., Astro Pier
Ralph Pass
Pier_Tech, fancy piers
Matt Todman

Other Links

The ATM Page – Observatory Plansvendors of astronomical equipment

Professional Observatories

Want your observatory listed here? Just email me your URL 🙂