Bill’s ATM Pages

Here are a few of the things I’ve done over the years:

The Jiffy Focuser
makes focusing a Meade SCT oh so much easier, and the price is right!
SCT dew heater
keeps you going in the toughest dew, but oh so many resisters!
Meade info and links
a few basic facts, links and info about cables
My temporary pier
which, though useful, I will be glad to see the end of
10 inch f/6 Dob
a damn good scope as it turns out!
Foucault testing
Dobson would be proud of how low-tech this can be
The Signature Scope
a wonderful weekend at The Tech
Ptolemy’s Cafe
my backyard observatory
Bill Arnett; last updated: 1999 Dec 3

Bill Arnett; last updated: 1999 Dec 3