Best Astronomy Gifts Under $50 Buyer's Guide

Our complete guide to the Best Astronomy Gifts Under $50. Have a budding Astronomer in the household or someone who is interested in space odyssey? Browse our recommended products below and purchase today.

Looking for the best astronomy gifts under $50 on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect astronomy gift under $50 to suit your needs.

Thinking about buying a decent gift for an astronomy lover? To buy a good gift within your budget is a real struggle, but do not worry we are here to help you. You must keep in mind a few essential tips to buy a spectacular gift for an astronomy lover. 

Astronomy brings everyone together as we all live under the same sky. No matter our differences, we connect through magic and the mystery of outer space. That is why an astronomer themed gift is a great way to share love and joy of space exploration. 

Whether it’s your friend or a family member you are going to surprise with an astronomy gift. It has to be perfect. Or maybe you are planning to give it to your kid. Well, look no more, here's a list of the best astronomy gifts under $50 for astronomy fans, both kids and adults for any occasion. Happy shopping!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best astronomy gift under $50 that is fact-packed and colorful, our top pick is the Ultimate Explorer Field Guide: Night Sky.

Ultimate Explorer Field Guide Night Sky



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    Best Astronomy Gifts under $50 Based on User Reviews

    Let's take a look at the top products on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


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    Best Astronomy Gifts under $50: A Complete Review

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of products, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each product is most suitable for.

    Ultimate Explorer Field Guide Night Sky

    Who doesn’t love books, right? If you are planning to give an astronomy-themed gift to a book lover, then this Ultimate Explorer Field Guide is perfect. It is filled with exciting and fascinating deep space photos. 

    The book contains the night sky guide and facts that will encourage anyone to stop what they are doing and start looking at the night sky. The deep celestial objects like stars and planets are always a source of fascination for an astronomer. 

    This book will help them read about stars and planets. The distance from Mars to Venus, satellites, and meteors, kids will learn the complete procedure to see and spot these amazing space phenomena. 

    The Ultimate Explorer has tons of information and interactive activities. This is why it is the best and ultimate companion for nighttime backyard or camping trips for just $10. The perfect size to carry in your backpack. 


    Full of facts

    Contains illustrations






    It is for kids

    3D Crystal Ball with Solar System

    A 3D Crystal Ball showing an exceptional mini model of a solar system. The whole colorful mini model spins on the base which is very fun to watch. Buying a wholesome mini model of the solar system at a highly affordable price for an astronomy lover is not a bad deal. 

    The 3D design of the crystal ball becomes more beautiful with the tiny planets inside of it. The ball adds a cozy and cute touch to your room and adds to its elegance. It is a must-have decoration piece in the room of an astronomy lover. 

    You can even keep it in your living room, office, or bedroom. It will reflect an elegant lifestyle without any doubt. The base of the ball is accompanied by lighting in seven colors. The whole setup makes the solar system model in the crystal ball look magical in dark. 

    The size is perfect, not too big, not too small. It can easily fit in your hand. The crystal ball is a perfect gift for people who love astronomy, the universe, deep celestial objects, and physics. 





    LED lights

    Can be used as a paperweight

    Mini solar system

    On/off light mechanism


    It is powered by cell

    Heat Changing Solar System Magic Coffee Mug

    Everyone has a favorite mug for coffee, and it is not wrong to say that you enjoy coffee more in your favorite mug. Well, a Heat Changing Solar System Magic Coffee Mug is perfect for a coffee and astronomy lover. 

    The ceramic mug holds up to 10 oz. of coffee, tea, juice, or milk. It is a perfect gift for both kids and adults on any occasion. The mug has a whole solar system on it. Pour any hot liquid in your magical mug and let it sit for a while, the Solar System appears on it. 

    Make sure that the liquid should not be over 70°C/158°F. The mug is thermochromic which is a scientific name for magic. It is not an oven or dishwasher safe mug. You must wash it by hand.




    Ceramic mug

    Thermochromic mug

    Holds 10 oz. liquid

    For both kids and adults


    It is not an oven and dishwasher safe

    Greenline Goods Constellation Whiskey Glasses

    Greenline Goods Etched Old Fashioned Constellation Whiskey Glasses is the perfect gift for a person who loves astronomy. The quality offered by the manufacturer is unbeatable in the market. Pour yourself a whiskey, rum, liquor, or anything else. 

    These glasses will double the joy without any doubt. The constellation glasses will represent your passion and values for astronomy. Each glass is separately etched by a skilled artisan and it shows a hand-drawn map found on the northern hemisphere’s summer sky. 

    The map includes Virgo, Libra, Leo, and more! It can hold up to 10 oz. of liquid. The quality of glassware is incomparable and lead-free. Moreover, the glasses are safe to wash in a dishwasher. The glass is painted further to maintain the design and will not wash off after some time. 

    These constellation whiskey glasses are a perfect gift idea. 




    Lead-free material

    Freezer and Dishwasher-safe


    Sand etched design


    None as such

    Nanipiper Throw Blanket

    Nanipiper Fleece Throw Blanket is the best in the market. It is not too heavy and provides the right amount of calmness. The blanket has stars printed all over and it makes the perfect gift for an astronomer lover. 

    The blanket will make sure you get warmth and comfort with amazing luxury and softness. It will help you forget all the stress of the hectic day. The size is perfect for kids and adults. It is not too heavy and not too hot. 

    You can take it on field trips or camping just to stay warm and feel cozy. The soft and fluffy blanket will improve your sleep. The microfiber throw blanket will make your room look elegant and cozy. It can be used in all seasons. 

    The special wrinkle and fade treatment on the blanket will prevent any kind of allergy. It is the best and versatile gift under $50. The dark blue color and stars all over the blanket will make you feel like you are sleeping in a galaxy. 

    The material is smooth and not too thin. It is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. especially when you are camping this fleece blanket will make you feel cozy, warm, and comfortable.




    Soft fabric

    Microfiber material


    Not to warm

    Not to thin


    None as such

    Menglina Stone Bead Charm Bracelet Universe Galaxy

    If you have a friend who is an astronomer lover, then this bracelet will be perfect. It will also be a decent gift for your child on any occasion, and it will help him/her learn about the solar system better. 

    Do not miss this great opportunity to show your friend/siblings/child how much you love them and care about their passion. The bracelet has handmade stones in eight different colors representing eight planets of the solar system. It has a unique and cool design for people who love astronomy and space bracelets. 

    The black beads in between the planets represent outer space and the silver shiny powder represents the stars. It comes in two styles one with a wax rope and the other with an elastic string. You can buy whatever suits you the best, as both are adjustable and durable. The best thing about this bracelet is its unisex feature. 

    So, you do not have to worry about your male friends wearing the bracelet. The bracelet tells a story that the sun is you and all the eight planets revolve around you. inshore, an ideal gift for both men and women on any occasion under $50.




    Great product

    Natural stones


    High-quality finish


    The elastic might get loose with time

    Stellar scope Handheld Star Finder

    StellarScope Star Finder is the biggest hit when it comes to the best astronomy gift under $50. It is a perfect gift for an astronomer lover. The Handheld Star Finder is lightweight, compact, and portable. you can easily carry it with you on field trips or camping. 

    The Stellar Scope will identify and locate more than 1500 stars and other deep sky objects.  You have to choose the right adapter for your latitude, rotate to select the right date/time, and locate distant stars. 

    The accuracy of stars is between 20-degrees and 60-degrees north or south latitude. It includes the continent of the U.S. as well as most of Canada, and Alaska. The stellar scope is made of impact-resistant plastic and has an elegant finish. You can observe the stars, and distant celestial objects easily through the portable stellar scope anywhere you like. 






    More than 1500 star finding capacity


    Elegant finish


    None at this price

    Solar System Crystal Ball

    A mini Solar System Model inside a crystal ball is a perfect gift for an astronomer lover. It adds to the beauty of the room. You can place it anywhere you like, and it will give a very galaxy-themed look to your room.  

    The crystal ball is made of quality material that includes K9 Crystal. It facilitates manufacturing a transparent and glossy ball. The best thing about this mini Solar System is that all the names of the planets are etched. 

    Planets are carved by 3D laser carving technology. Their size meets the volume ratios of real planets and the color will never fade. The crystal ball is equipped with a light changing LED lamp holder. The whole system runs on AAA batteries or a USB data cable. It is a perfect gift for teachers, kids, friends, and colleagues. 





    Powered by AAA batteries

    Light changing LED lamp holder

    3D laser carving

    Etched planet names


    The light system has a limited life

    Project Blueprint Galaxy Kinetic Astronomy Kit

    Project Blueprint Galaxy Kinetic Astronomy Kit is inspired by crane Beach and ice deserts. It is a perfect mini Solar System Kinetic Model for a desktop. It calms the mood with the gentle sifting of sandscapes. 

    It is a fascinating gift for anyone who needs relaxation. The spin wheel and the metallic balls move back and forth. If you closely look at the motion of the whole model it will give insight into the physics. 

    You will enjoy and learn at the same time. The model is a great source of fun for kids. it runs on a 9Volt battery which is not included in the kit. It will challenge your kids to learn the knowledge of science. They will play, learn, and discover at the same time.





    Attractive colors

    Calms the mood


    None as such

    Zulux Galaxy Crystal Ball

    The Zulux Galaxy Crystal Ball is a mesmerizing and luxurious gift for an astronomy lover under $50. It is made of high-quality crystal and contains no impurities. The crystal ball shows perfect crafting of a skilled person. 

    It will add a flavor of elegance to your bedroom, office, or living room. The ball is made of premium crystal and completely transparent. There are no visible hidden bubbles on the crystal ball. The galaxy inside the crystal ball comes together with LED lighting and emits an uninterrupted bright light. 

    It also changes its color alternatively and makes the whole scene look fascinating. The manufacturer has used 3D laser carving and flame extraction technology. It will give a real look to the whole galaxy inside a small crystal ball. The ball is compact, portable, and travel-friendly. you can carry it around easily.



    3d laser carving

    Color-changing LEDs

    Pure crystal material




    It is powered by a battery

    Best Astronomy Gifts under $50 - Buyer's Guide

    How to choose the right astronomy book?

    • Worth the price 

    The first and most important thing you must notice while buying an astronomy-based book is that it must be worth the price. There are a lot of books in the market that look attractive but have no practical knowledge. The astronomy book must have deep and fun-fact knowledge about stars and deep space objects. 

    • Accessible 

    The book you are planning to buy must be easily available. It is quite difficult to buy the latest editions of books. Nowadays the internet is a great source of information. You can easily find any book online and buy it but be aware of pirated sites. They can put you in danger, as a lot of hackers are always on the verge of hacking your device. So, it is better to buy books from authentic websites.  

    • Knowledgeable 

    The astronomy-based book should be full of facts and illustrations. So, it will be easy to learn about outer space. Kids do not have much knowledge about the divine celestial object. The outer space is always fascinating for them. That is why when you are buying an astronomy book make sure it has the right set of facts and proper knowledge. 

    How to pick the right 3D Crystal Ball?

    A 3D Crystal Ball containing a mini model of the Solar System is an amazing gift for an astronomer lover. Well, there are a few key features that you must keep in mind while buying a perfect 3D crystal ball. The first thing you must focus on is that the crystal ball is durable. The construction style and build must be sturdy and flexible. 

    There are two types of crystal balls available in the market. The one that runs on batteries and another runs on a direct power supply. It is recommended to buy a crystal ball that runs on batteries as they are less dangerous, and you can easily replace the batteries whenever you like.

    Moreover, a 3D laser-carved crystal ball is a fascinating gift rather than a simple ball. The laser cutting gives smooth sides to the small planets inside the ball. There is another important thing that you must keep in mind that the etched names of planets look more mesmerizing. The etched names will not fade or erase. 

    Key Features of a Stellar Scope

    • Material 

    The most essential feature to notice while buying a stellar scope is its material. It should have a sturdy frame and build. There are many cheap stellar scopes available in the market. You have to make sure to buy the stellar scope that has shock-impact construction. 

    We know that stellar scope is mostly used to observe distant stars and planets on field trips or camping. So, the shock-impact material will prevent the breakage of the device. 

    • Portable 

    The size of a stellar scope must be appropriate so that you can easily fit it into your pocket or bag pack. It is most feasible during traveling. The weight on the other hand must not be too heavy. A bulky stellar scope is of no use because you cannot handle it properly. 

    The weight to size ratio is very important to consider while buying the device. you can easily find the concerned information in the technical section of the product on the website.

    • Durable 

    The last important feature that must not be overlooked is the durability of the product. It should be designed in a way that will offer maximum efficiency and comfort in the field. The build of a stellar scope must be solid enough to stay in one piece while traveling towards the destination. 

    A stellar scope with a long life is more beneficial as compared to others. It is better to spend a few more pennies and buy a decent quality of the product. 

    Salient features of Mugs/Glasses

    The mugs and glasses with Solar System or constellation patterns printed on them are considered a perfect gift for an astronomy lover. In the product reviews above we have mentioned a very fascinating magic mug. 

    The special thing about a thermochromic product is that it is temperature-sensitive. It changes color regarding the temperature. The mug mentioned above is thermochromic. The pattern of the Solar System appears on the mug when hot coffee/tea is poured into the mug. 

    You have to be very careful while using these mugs. They are not safe for the oven, dishwasher, or microwave. It is best to wash them by hand and air dry them. Moreover, these mugs are polished with a high-end polymer enzyme that prevents the fading of colors and planets. 

    The second very mesmerizing gift mentioned-above is a whiskey glass with a constellation pattern etched on it. The pattern includes major stars, meteors, and other outer space objects. You have to make sure that the glasses must be heat-resistant and safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, or oven. The pattern on them should be permanent and have a high-quality finish.

    How to Choose a Household Item as a Gift?

    There are a lot of astronomy-themed household items that you can give as a present on any occasion. You can choose to give any item like blankets, curtains, or cooking utensils that has an astronomy inspired theme. A person who loves divine cosmic objects will love these kinds of gifts. 

    The primary thing to keep in mind while buying any item is that it must be useful. We have reviewed a microfiber, soft, and fluffy fleece blanket for both kids and adults as an astronomy gift under $50. You have to focus on the items that are under your budget and have a high-end finish. 

    The blanket mentioned-above has many benefits. It is not too hot and not too thin. The perfect blanket for all seasons. It has a foil stars pattern that will not get damaged or fade even after several washes. In short, a household item as a gift will show your love and gratitude.   

    Best Astronomy Gifts under $50 - FAQs

    Best Astronomy Gifts under $50 – Final Word

    Searching for a perfect astronomy-themed gift for a friend or loved one is quite a difficult task. A small yet very thoughtful gift is perfect for an astronomy lover. All the gifts that are mentioned above are incredibly useful and fascinating. 

    The items hold a deep sense of astronomy and bring enthusiasm in the life of a person who loves astronomy. The right source of introduction to astronomy for kids is through a fact-packed book. The household items and decoration vases also show your love and passion. 

    Whether you are searching for a hobbyist astronomer or professional, you will find this guide very useful in selecting the right gift. All above-mentioned best astronomy gifts under $50 are suitable for any occasion. 

    Happy Exploring!