Best Computer Science Courses

Let's take a look at the top Computer Science courses on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.

Looking for the best computer science courses on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect computer science course to suit your needs.

As we know, if you want to pursue the field and courses of Computer Sciences, then your skills should be advanced and expanded. Programming languages are hard to master as they fluctuate from year to year, and advances are made in security technology and networking. 

The completion of a short computer science course exhibits information on the most recent devices and ideas and gives you an edge in the challenging competition in the field. Many educational institutions throughout the world give you opportunities and offer Computer Science Courses. 

It doesn't matter whether you want to study the desired course in your homeland or go abroad to learn and experience something new. The important thing is you should be provided every possible opportunity to study a course!

Students can choose from networking, multimedia development, computer security, and programming languages. These courses can be taken individually, or there is a whole program where you can study all of these. The life of a programmer demands a lot of learning, but the challenging question is, do you keep yourself advanced and updated? 

The books and writing in articles and blogs are a great source, but the world requires the best! And the best can be achieved by online courses and website knowledge. It is becoming so overwhelming with the latest information and creative content available. 

But, many programmers don't get to decide what to do with so much raw data available. It becomes challenging to decide which website to choose! So here, we present you with the best three websites, i.e., udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy, which will help you to do authentic programming courses online. Instead of piercing and jumping from random information, go through this buying guide. 

We have compiled the important information you require before getting admission in the best computer science courses. Now, it is your turn to excel and learn quickly!

Let's get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best computer science course that is versatile and has no prerequisites, our top pick is the Learn Python 2.



No prerequisites

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    Best Computer Science Courses Based on User Reviews

    Let's take a look at the top courses on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


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    Best Computer Science Courses: A Complete Review

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of courses, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section, we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each course is most suitable for.


    Python is a popular and universal programming language. This programming language is popular among users because it is easy to read, making programming easy for users. This programming language is concise and adds to its advantages. 

    The course has many uses and serves nearly all the purposes, i.e., scientific application, web, and software development. You can learn this course with ease and then can use it on your computer. This course will teach you about strings and console output in Python. 

    This program will help you to learn the complete use of conditional and control flow, which will, in turn, help you to create a variety of programs. Covering this aspect of the course, you will be able to create different programs which will have different outcomes. 

    Python 2 program will teach you to create different functions and will tell you how to use them. The course will tell you about the data structure lists and dictionaries. It will also introduce you to the concept of classes. 

    After attending this course, you'll learn about the loops and 'while' and 'for' loops of the python language. After learning all the aspects of this detailed course, you'll also learn about its application. So now learn from the course and directly use it. You can also teach it after completing the learning course. 

    No reviews yet


    It helps you in web and software development

    Use in scientific application

    The course has detailed learning outcomes

    After learning, the application is easy

    It helps to generate a program with various outcomes


    Python has a relatively slow speed of execution


    C++ Language has versatile use. It was created from C language and is used in Operating Systems, Web Browsers, Microcontrollers, and  Video Games, etc. The C++ course will initiate from the basic concepts and introduction of the C++ language. 

    After that, it will teach you about the deeper concepts. In this course, you will learn the basics of writing and compile the program with the C++ language. Not only this, but you will also learn the execution of the program. 

    This course also teaches about the basic types of data and variables. In the building of the program, conditionals and logic play an important role. In the concerned course, you learn the use of conditionals and logic to create different programs with different outcomes. 

    The program introduces you to the loops that help you further in programming. C++ has a great advantage over others in the form of  C++ vectors, which help you to keep data more organized. You will also learn about these vectors through this course. 

    To create a flexible, modular, and reusable code, C++ functions are perfect. You will learn about these functions throughout this course. It will tell you the use of classes to generate the programs which will be scalable and modular. 

    C++ has its identity because of references and pointers, which serve as memory manipulating tools. The course of C++ will give you an understanding of their nature and use.

    No reviews yet





    Flexible Deadlines



    No built-in threads


    This course teaches you about the complex data structures. These structures are useful for specific concerning operations. These complex data structures are designed to attend a straightforward and specific operation. 

    They serve much as a solution to the specific problem with some characterized requirements. This course deals with the knowledge and understanding of the abstract data structures. It teaches the implementation and the process of data structures. 

    It is concerned with the linear data structures among which you may learn about others too. Implementing these complex data structures is in Python, so it is necessary to learn about Python first. 

    It will introduce you with the harsh maps used as storage in various programming languages because of the efficiency. It also tells about the tree structure data through which you can create entertaining games. 

    This program also teaches about the data structure of the heaps. A heap has its importance because of its versatility and detailed application. It is a tree with various applications. The course also teaches about the data structure using graphs. For this, it uses Python. Graphs are very basic data structure tools and are perfect for fulfilling the purpose. 

    No reviews yet


    It introduces you to various data structures

    Data structures form the foundation of programming

    It helps to add and retrieve data

    It is concerned about all the data structures


    The knowledge about Python is necessary for this course


    Programming is required in every field in this era because this is the world of technology now. This course teaches you about programming in a scientific context. This course starts with the basic and initial knowledge of programming and its tools. 

    It starts with the variables, conditionals, loops, and arrays, etc. then it teaches about the functions and its key concepts. Then after the basics of programming, it concerns object-oriented programming. All these programmings use the Java language, and the course taught programming using it. 

    The course deals with the various problem-solving skills that are concerned with this modern era. The basic goal to achieve is an excellent understanding of the programming language JAVA, but the course not only deals with JAVA but the basic programming lessons also. 

    The concerned course is free for the learners. So in very less time, learn JAVA and the basic programming skills along with the sense of implementation. This course has the demerit that this course does not offer the certificate at the end of completion.


    The course teaches basic programming skills

    It teaches JAVA too

    The course is free

    It also deals with the application of the programming


    Does not give certificates to learners


    The concerned course is very beneficial for beginners. This course deals with both computer science and programming. The introduction to computer science involves learning about the basic computing principle to the mathematical base on which the computer works. 

    The programming specialization involves the understanding of the programming and how it works. The numerical understanding provides you with the necessary tools that are required for problem-solving. The learners will learn the basic aspects of the programming and will learn how to apply the steps for programming. 

    The course framework will make the process interesting for the learners. It uses the techniques of math puzzle solving to make it fun. The course involves solving a crime on computer application and asks learners to implement the concept and rules of computer science. 

    You can choose a course from the series of courses. You do not have to do all the courses. You can do the courses according to your requirement and then pause the learning. At the end of the learning, you have to complete the project to earn the certificate. 

    You'll learn about JAVA language, conversion between number bases, work with the sequence and series. You will also learn to develop the model describing the working range of computers.


    It teaches the basics of computer science

    The teaching method is fun

    Teaches about programming too

    It involves projects too

    Learners get certificates


    The course is less direction oriented


    This program will help you with a better understanding of software engineering. Through this, you learn about the most demanding field of the time. Also, it gives you the fundamentals and use of the programming language JAVA. 

    Not only has this, but it also taught you about the operation system of the androids. The course deals with the modern requirements of a better understanding of technology. The course is very beneficial for beginners and teaches you the basics of programming. 

    It covers the wide scope of software engineering, i.e., from designing algorithms to programming. It will help you to develop a portfolio of your programming skills through which you can represent your skills. 

    After this course, you will develop the web pages too, which will filter to images, CSV data analysis. This course helps you to master a certain skill. You can enroll yourself in a concerned course and pause learning after its completion. 

    After completing the course, you will get a project, and then after the completion of the project, you will get a certificate. The certificate will help you to represent your expertise in the respective topic.


    The course deals with the basis of software engineering

    It deals with the basis of JAVA

    After completion, you'll get a certificate too



    Builds programming skills


    The detail of the software basics is not detailed


    The course helps you to know about the programming. It helps you to become a good programmer after training. The course values your interest and helps you to become an expert in programming. Computer science is highly concerned with the analytic minds. 

    The course deals with both theory and practical implementation of the programming process. The methods of teaching these courses are very interesting and fun. If you want to learn about programming, you do not need high experience in it. 

    So just enroll in the course and enjoy the benefits. It deals with programming using a single language that is C++. It deals with the problem-solving aspect of the programming in depth. It deals with the identification analysis and solution to the problem. After this course, you will learn about the Binary number system, O notation, linked lists, stacks implementation, Queues Implementation, trees, etc. 

    This detailed course will teach you a lot about programming. The program offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. So this course is detailed for anyone who wants to become a good programmer and is interested in the computer science field. 

    You get complete notes on the topic to study the topics in detail. So without the requirement of any existing experience, this course is ready to teach you everything. Enroll yourself now and enjoy the perks.


    The course has detailed notes

    No existing experience is required

    It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee

    Teach you about the binary number system too


    The course is extra detailed and less focused

    Notes are a bit glitchy


    The course is a detailed course about computer science and its software. It teaches about the working and fundamental principles of working on computer and software programming. The course is easy to explore as it takes only two hours. 

    You can attend it on your smartphone or the laptop. You can start this course with zero knowledge about the computer background, which means you do not need to be a pro. So just enroll and finish the long term course in only two hours. 

    It is your choice to complete it in one day or parts by parts in a week. The course is updated and is compatible with the innovations of the present. The course aims to maintain your focus without the interference of the quizzes or exams. 

    Hence in this way, it tries to ensure maximum learning in two hours. You will learn about the basic hardware, basic software, development of web pages, CSS and Bootstrap CSS framework, JAVA and Python, etc. the two hours of this course ensures detailed learning. You will also learn about mobile application development. 

    The course at its terms also teaches you about the data and problem analysis and solving the problem. So get your hands on the computer science and programming software within two hours with the least exam and quizzes. 


    The course timing is two hours

    No background information is required

    Focused learning

    User-friendly learning


    No projects

    No quizzes and exams


     In the market, there are many courses to deal with the interests of the pros, but less is for beginners. Computer Science is the topic that needs familiarity now, no matter professionally who you are. This course deals with computer science and programming knowledge for beginners. 

    Even if you do not need the knowledge about computer science and programming in your field but just have the curiosity about how it works, the course is perfect for you. It requires zero knowledge about programming and its languages. 

    The instructors engage the learners in various ways to make the learning process interesting and maintain their focus. It also teaches the important basics and creation of algorithms. It tells the importance of algorithms in programming. 

    It tells about the approaches of programming, which are imperative, declarative, and object-oriented. The course uses real-world examples to make learning even more effective.  In this way, people understand the concepts better by linking them with real-world experiences. 

    The course also provides notes with necessary definitions and explanations. Hence the course is perfect for the beginners and to satisfy the curiosity of non-professionals.


    It is perfect for beginners

    It teaches about programming and languages

    It has notes too

    It works for non-professionals too


    It is less technical and more about definitions


    The course involves learning about data structures and algorithms. It contains detailed explanations along with implementation. The course deals with the identification and analysis of the problem.
    It teaches the algorithm techniques to solve the problems. It will implement nearly 100 algorithms in different programming languages. You get to choose the programming language you want. This course is unique from others as others do not get into this much detail of algorithms in solving problems.
    Not only has this, but the course also designed multiple tests to verify the working and correctness of the designed algorithms. You will get projects to debug your programs, and instructors will test it. You will also do a road analysis to learn about the shortest route between two locations.
    After this project, you will do a practice project to learn how to connect genomes to form DNA at the end. In this way, you will learn about the role of algorithms in these projects and learn how to use it.
    The course will also teach you about the algorithm complexity and algorithm on graphs and strings. All you have to do is enroll in this course to get your expertise with the data structure and algorithm specialization.


    It is a focused course

    It comes with two practice projects

    It deals with both theory and practice



    Applicable Knowledge


    Not for beginners

    Best Computer Science Courses - Buyer's Guide

    Online classes make life easy as you can put all your energy into learning and excel being comfortable at home. Like every other course, you have to be dedicated and learn all you have to achieve your goals and develop your skills. 


    Udemy is the best option if you want lifetime access to the courses. So, if you want to come back and learn anything later, buy a single course. This will help you access the quizzes, practical questions, articles, and whatever writing you want to download. This is the best!


    Codeacademy is ranked 7th in coding. It doesn't overpower students, especially beginners, with data. A minimum task is provided first, and then the background information is slowly given, and tasks proceed. 


    Coursera provides you a broad range of courses and career pathways. There are many courses available in coding, web development, software programming. It has 11th ranking in code. 

    Quality of Courses and Instructors

    If you want to learn advanced and updated, then the quality and instructor of the course matters. It helps you keep an advanced pace and helps you excel. There are no winners when it comes to Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy. There are various courses available at these websites, providing you the opportunity to learn from the suitable courses. They focus on providing the best learning experiences and expert teachers online to the learners. 

    There are some gems (instructors) in Udemy like Angular Complete Guide by Max and his other courses on React. Colt_Steele's courses available on Algorithms and Web Development are amazing, and similarly, Stephen Grider's courses are worth paying for. 

    The instructor qualification matters at the above mentioned online websites that help them gain the trust of the students. The sole purpose is to provide them the best online learning experience.

    Skills and Available Courses

    Developing skills is the most difficult task. But, Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy can help you find the right course to develop your skills in that. First, identify what you are interested in then hop in. 

    In Udemy, There are more than 80,000 courses from Programming languages like C, Ruby,  Swift, Python,  Kotlin, PHP, Scala, JavaScript,   Java, C++,  etc. the tools like Kubernetes,  Gradle, Jenkins,  Maven, Docker, etc. and many others. The best method to find suitable online skills is through Udemy search.

    In Codeacademy, there are many courses in Command-Line, Python, Git, and Data Structures. They provide opportunities to the beginners. The language courses HTML & CSS, C++, Python, SQL, Bash/Shell, Java, C#, Swift, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, Go, JavaScript, and R. 

    In Coursera, the variety of courses will amaze you. The right place to start is introductory courses in individual programming languages, and many other options in popular languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, object-oriented programming in Java, Python, Ruby on Rail, Scala, Angular.js, Linux, and programming. 

    The people who want to proceed further and learn advanced courses at the next level, like data structures, databases, full-stack web development, and all programs related to algorithms and algorithmic thinking, can learn online in Coursera. 

    Free Redources

    Who doesn't want a free course? There are so many online courses available to learn programming languages like C, Ruby,  Swift, Python,  Kotlin, PHP, Scala, JavaScript,   Java, C. similarly, many frameworks like Angular, React, Nodejs, Vuejs is also free. 

    It mainly helps those who can't afford it. Tools like Kubernetes,  Gradle, Jenkins,  Maven, Docker, etc. are also free.


    When you apply for a job, a certificate guarantees that you are an expert in the first impression. The thing that matters at that time is the authentication of the certificates. Many platforms don't provide you authentic content. 

    Still, when it comes to Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy, these websites provide authentic certificates and, when attached to your resume, speaks for itself that you have received a quality education.

    Practical Work

    Before applying for a course, check for its academy schedule. It is vital to ensure that the course requires a practical assignment that will help you develop your skills in a particular program or tool. Practical work helps you in becoming an expert. 

    Language of Instruction

    Language can become a barrier to learning. Ensuring that the instructions of the course provided are in the required language before enrolling can help you afterward. 

    Admission Criteria

    The admission criteria for enrolling is to log in. in Udemy and Coursera, it is very easy as you have to log in. sometimes, and the website provides you opportunities to learn from coupons. Many of the courses are free too. 


    Most of the people who apply for online courses can't afford physical classes. So, they search for platforms that provide them the opportunities to do so. Computer science courses, if learned in physical form, cost a fortune, but there are websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy that keep your dream alive and teach you by best instructors at a low cost.

    When it comes to being kind, no one can beat Udemy as it provides you programming languages at a very low price. You can learn courses for just $10 other than paying $10000 for the same course and instructor in the classroom. They also help many students to develop their skills by providing coupons to study. The best thing is when you have bought a course; it is for a lifetime. 

    Best Computer Science Courses - FAQs

    Best Computer Science Courses – Final Word

    These online courses can help you set a mark and achieve your desired job. These help you to command your skills and become an expert. Everyone can't afford education, but online courses have made life easier as they provide chances and opportunities to the ones who lack money but not skills. 

    The websites mentioned above provide many free courses to help you if you are dedicated and hard-working. These courses don't require any previous information and provide authentic and quality education without discrimination. 

    During this pandemic, these online courses can be the silver lining in the lives of many depressed students and can quench the thirst of the learners. Join the best computer science courses and avail these opportunities!