Best Physics Courses

The reviews of the best physics courses will help you differentiate among them, and the buying guide will provide you with aspects to look out for in an online course.

Looking for the best physics courses on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect physics course to suit your needs.

In today's world, there isn't much reward available for arbitrary skills unless you have logic and information to back it. Since the cost of education has increased a lot over the past few decades. Students are looking for alternatives to traditional learning. 

We all have to adapt to survive, this is the law of evolution, and I know this because I keep up to date on every subject via online courses. Gone are the days when the only way of acquiring quality education and a respectable degree was through the gates of expensive colleges. 

This is the time of online education, as it is feasible, inexpensive, and respected for its certificate, just like any physical university is respected. In the online world, many opportunities are waiting to be availed by the living generation, but they're as many frauds as well. To save you the trouble of finding credible courses, we have found many credible websites and sources. 

The reviews of the best physics courses will help you differentiate among them, and the buying guide will provide you with aspects to look out for in an online course. 

Let’s get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best physics course that offers free enrollment and flexible deadlines, our top pick is the How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics.


Free Enrollment

14-hours course

Flexible Deadlines

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    Best Physics Courses Based on User Reviews

    Let's take a look at the top courses on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


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    Best Physics Courses: A Complete Review

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of courses, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each course is most suitable for.


    The University of Virginia offers incredible academics, world-class faculty, and an encouraging environment. Coursera is providing it for free. You can easily enroll in the course and get exceptional learner career outcomes. 

    University’s vision is to promote discovery, innovation, and development of science with full potential. The students will learn a lot from this course. It is an intermediate level course and has amazing tutors. 

    The course is an intermediate level. Some people like complex things, and some students want to get started from the beginning. It is the best physics course to withdraw from scratch and build your knowledge gradually. 

    The tutors give flexible deadlines, and you can adjust them according to your schedule. The course also offers a completion certificate. It is an approximately 14-hours course, 100% online. So, you can easily get started. 

    The best part is that the course videos have subtitles in different languages for better understanding. It has eight major topics divided into an 8-week course. Each topic is further divided into several videos rich in learning material and an example for a better understanding of the course. 


    100% free enrollment

    14-hours course

    Talented faculty

    Videos with subtitles in different languages

    Complete Online course

    Tangible learners’ outcomes

    Flexible deadlines

    Completion certificate


    It is an intermediate level course


    University of New South Wales offers this course through Coursera. We all know that most of the marvel’s happening in the world are based on physics. It is a very useful and interesting course. Mechanics start by quantifying motion and then describing it in terms of force, energy, and momentum. 

    It will also give us enough space to discuss similar phenomena around us. The mechanics also describe the planets, stars, and galaxies. The course is 100% online, and you can enroll for free. It gives you a shareable certificate after the course. 

    The complete course is of 29-hours. There are different topics in the course, and each one is further subdivided. The course is the best option for beginner students and anyone curious about physics. The complete course has rich tutorials with engaging animations, example problems, and a friendly narrator. 

    The mechanics will help you understand everyday wonders in depth. The whole course is divided into an 8-week program, and you’ll have access to the world-class faculty. They will help you at every step. You can set the deadlines according to your schedule as the deadlines are flexible. 

    The UNSW Sydney inspires the students to get good grades and also understand the educational experience. It reflects sturdy traditions of excellence, innovation, and social justice. 


    Free course enrollment

    100% online

    Rich multimedia

    Flexible deadlines

    Tangible learner’s’ outcomes

    29-hours course

    English subtitles

    Shareable certification


    It is a beginner level course


    The University of Maryland is offering an Exploring Quantum Physics course through Coursera. It is a great course. You can enroll for free and start learning today. Introduction to quantum physics explains the boundaries of research and its development. 

    The course has incredible video tutorials and excellent course tutors. It is an approximately 34-hours complete course. The course is divided into sections, and the whole course is a 9-week program. You can set the deadlines according to your schedule, as tutors are flexible in setting deadlines. 

    You will also get a certificate after the course. The course is 100% online, so you do not have to worry about traveling. It is a difficult course for beginners, that is why it is suggested that beginners will stay away from this course. 

    Each class of the course offers a quiz at the end. There is no second attempt. You will be given a single attempt, and if you fail, you will have to start over again. The videos are very detailed when subtitles are provided, so you have to be careful while learning. 

    University also includes three Nobel Laureates, three Pulitzer Prize winners, and 47 members of national academies of Fulbright scholarships. The course has a set of excellent practice assignments at the end of each lecture.


    Free enrollment

    100% online

    Rich multimedia

    Completion certificate

    Flexible deadlines

    Excellent faculty

    Detailed videos

    Quiz after each class

    33-hours course


    It is way too tricky for a beginner


    The University of Arizona offers astronomy Exploring Time and Space through Coursera. It is designed for people who are interested in learning about innovative astronomy and time. The course will provide updated knowledge. 

    The most recent astronomy discoveries that are happening in the world will be a part of the course. It will provide an introductory level lecture and background data as well. It is the best course for people with no basic knowledge of science.

    You will earn a certificate of completion at the end of the course. The complete course is about 48-hours long. It is divided into lectures that make the course 11-week long. Each week lectures have detailed videos with animations. 

    The incredible tutors allow you to reset the deadlines according to your schedule. The course starts with an introduction of astronomy and ends at life in the Universe and how things are related. It is a beginner level course for students. 

    The students who are interested in deep, celestial objects and how the solar system works. It is the best course for them. The course starts with the basics and builds towards the high levels gradually. You will easily learn throughout the course.


    Free enrollment

    100% online

    Completion certificate

    Detailed lectures

    5-hours long

    Flexible deadlines

    Videos with English subtitles


    It is a beginner course


    The Quantum Physics course provided by Udemy is based on the foundation of physics. The course has a complete guide that will save you from wasting your time. You do not have to search from different sources as the course has everything you need. 

    The Quantum Theory course is 15-hours long. It has detailed videos on concened topics. After enrollment, you will have full lifetime access to the course. The theories in the course are explained without oversimplification.

    The non-physics audience can also take the course as it is not complicated. You can easily access the course on TV or smartphone. The course has assignments so that you will understand the course in-depth. 

    Moreover, the course has a certificate of completion for the participants. The course covers all the important topics of Quantum Physics. It includes the double slit experiment, the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg, Schrödinger's cat paradox, quantum superposition, quantum tunneling, and much more.

    You will learn all the basics and foundation of Quantum Physics through this course. It acts as a bridge between popular and university courses. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to it. In short, you will not find this type of detailed course anywhere that can explain things on an introductory level. 


    Completely online


    Lifetime access

    15-hours course


    Money-back guarantee


    It is complex for a person with only a basic knowledge of physics


    Physics Kinematics is one of the few courses of udemy designed for Algebra-Based Physics and Regent Physics. It covers the one- and two-dimensional motion in detail. The Videos provided in the course includes step by step details.

    The videos have lectures, demonstrations, and a lot of practical examples for better understanding. It has plenty of resources if anyone desires to learn more about Kinematics. The best thing about this course is that it is perfect for students who plan to take AP exams.

    It is also the right course for an introductory college student enrolled in physics. The students enrolled in this course will get benefit from the ground laid work of Physics. The course has separate sections for AP Level Physics and High School Physics. 

    The videos are clearly labeled, so it will not be a problem. Students upon course completion can look forward to completing other related Physics courses in area AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2.  The course is 5-hours long with on-demand videos. 

    It has downloadable resources, and you will have lifetime access to the course. You can also access the course on a smartphone or TV, where it is feasible. The students enrolled in the course will be awarded a completion certificate at the end.


    100% online

    Exceptional videos

    Separate sections for AP exam and High School

    Completion certificate

    5-hours course

    Lifetime access

    Resources are downloadable

    10 additional articles

    Access on smartphone and TV


    It has no practice questions in the AP exam section


    The Quantum Physics strong course is a non-mathematical coverage of Superposition and Entanglement. It helps you learn about advanced topics of Quantum Computing. You will build a strong foundation in Quantum Physics through this udemy course. 

    It is a follow-up course to QC101. It will help students gain a qualitative and intuitive understanding of the basics of Quantum Physics. This course will further help you understand advanced computing courses of quantum. 

    QC151 has little Math and will directly aim to understand the mechanics of Quantum Physics. The course is 1.5-hours long and contains detailed videos. It has an additional article and resource that is downloadable. 

    The best thing about the course is that you will have lifetime access to the course. You can access the course on smartphone and TV. The course has tangible learners’ outcomes. Participants will be awarded a completion certificate. 

    The content of the course is not complicated. You must complete the course and do not stop watching the video in the middle. If you want to gain advanced knowledge, you can run the stimulators provided in the lecture with personal experiments. 


    Lifetime access

    Completion certificate

    The first 16 lessons are free

    1.5-hours course time

    Little math

    Downloadable resource


    Participants must have an elementary knowledge of Java


    The course Classical Physics will help you gain fluent knowledge of Calculus of Variations. It has confidently applied Classical Physics concepts to analyze the system and journey of laws through the Universe. 

    The program has algorithms that are further used for solving the equation of motion. You can also learn to develop physics simulations similar to video games and animated movies. The course has 20-hours on-demand video.

    The course has 13 resources which can be downloaded, and you can get additional information. The best thing about udemy courses is that they give you lifetime access to the course. You will get a completion certificate at the end of the course. 

    The course can be accessed from smartphones and TV easily. It is the course for university students that are looking to excel in physics and math. The course has all basic knowledge of mathematics and its practical use. 

    You want to design simulations or develop an engineering masterpiece; this course is all you need. The programming skills that are essential for any STEM industry are included in the course. It will guide towards easy understanding techniques and how to solve different differential equations. So, you can excel in your class.


    Full lifetime access

    20-hours course

    Downloadable resources

    Access from mobile and TV

    Basic mathematics and physics

    Mechanics work included

    Practical examples


    You must have a copy of the MATLAB program to run the simulations


    The Codecademy offers this 1-hour long course. Many projects require a lot of information to be collected from HTML or XML page. It is a tiring and boring process until you will learn it through Parser. 

    It is the point where Beautiful Soap comes into the action. It is a python package that allows the participant to parse HTML and XML pages easily and extract all the concerning data off the web. It will benefit you in several ways. 

    Let suppose that you want to pull all of the tweets of someone and run the analysis on their word usage: the procedure is scraping. You also want to make a digital collage of all the images you have posted on Instagram- the procedure is called parsing. 

    Suppose you want to pull a list of famous books that is where Beautiful Soap comes into action. Once you are done with the course, you can easily parse HTML and XML files for any kind of information. You have to join 45,000,000+ Codecademy learners.

    No reviews yet


    1-hour course

    Build coding knowledge

    Stress-test quizzes

    Detailed lesson



    The Pro version is paid


    Codecademy offers a lot of courses. The Pro version, of course, has more benefits over the basic version. This specific course is 2-hours long and has several amazing outcomes. The course is made for cleaning the trash out of your devices. 

    We all are aware that scientists spend almost 80-85% of their time cleaning the data and the rest of the time on the research and analysis. Through this course, you will learn innovative techniques to clean the data.

    The clean data before analysis is much better, and you will have plenty of time to spend on the research. The course will deliver the knowledge of the basics of Regex. Regex is a very fun and powerful tool. 

    It will help find the data through different patterns that need to be cleared to do clean research and analysis. Once you complete the course, you will at least have Data cleaning and Regular Expression skills. 

    Some of the online courses have prerequisites; the same goes for this course. You must have basic Python knowledge, know about its functions, and have introductory Pandas. You will gain the importance of data cleaning at the end of the course. 

    No reviews yet


    2-hour course

    Data cleaning skills

    Regular Expression skills



    Practical projects


    The pro version is paid

    The basic version has fewer features

    Best Physics Courses - Buyer's Guide

    Online courses do make education accessible to everyone, but it is not as simple as it seems. A person cannot just log onto their computer and start attending one of the lectures. Just like every other field, online education requires dedication and hard work for any person to succeed. 

    Many factors may distinguish simple courses from one another, implying which one may be suitable for you as an intellectual or a student. After hours of scouring through the internet, we have found the following list of features that can help you determine the course that will change your timeline. 

    Instructor Qualification

    In the educational circuit, an institute only qualifies as a fine institution if the quality of teachers is excellent. The highly qualified teachers hold more expertise over their subject and a firm grasp on the laws concerning the physical limitations of the world. Especially since physics comprises the knowledge of this entire world, it holds the utmost importance.

    Thus, its instructor should also be qualified enough to hold such vast information in their mind and should also be skillfully prepared to deliver the information in such a manner that students can easily grasp the entirety of the knowledge being presented to them. 

    One of the most vital things to consider before getting enrolled in a course, especially on online platforms, is to make sure that the instructor in charge of teaching the course is qualified enough to hold such a position both in terms of delivering the lecture and understanding the material of the lecture. 


    The online courses from authentic websites such as Coursera and Udemy provide shareable certificates for participants. You must check this fact while enrolling in a subject on any other website. 

    The shareable certificates allow students to show their employers that they did receive a quality education. So, if you cannot show it on your CV in case an online platform does not provide enough accreditation or a shareable certificate, then it will not be counted as important as courses offered by authentic websites. 

    However, you may still receive quality information and even gain skills from such sources, but you cannot flaunt them.

    Practical Knowledge and Work Application 

    It has been long established that physics comprises practical knowledge that summons up the laws of nature; thus, all subjects related to physics must provide enough information for practical application. 

    Even the theoretical physicists must understand the practical applications before they can derive hypotheses to understand the unknown aspects of the Universe, such as string theory. It is vital to note that the course you are applying for, whether it will or will not, equip you with enough practical knowledge so that it may provide you greater chances in the physical world of work. 

    Language of Instruction 

    There are no geographical barriers when online education is concerned. Anyone with a stable internet connection and a smart device can log on and start learning. But there are language and cultural barriers. 

    One language that might be spoken fluently in major parts of the world might not be as famous in the other half of the world. The only way this issue can be avoided is if the sites offer the same course dubbed in other languages based on the parts of the world where the course is available. 

    But dubbing costs many resources, and a huge chunk of information is lost in the process. To counter this problem, these websites have introduced subtitles in some major languages of the world, so people from every part of the world can take notes and understand the lecture in their way. 

    And where the dubbed parts are inflicting a slightly different message, some basic English skills on the part of the students can cover the gap. In conclusion, it is necessary to understand English enough that you might be able to decipher the information being delivered via online courses. 

    Admission Criteria

    There is no solid admission criterion for most of the online courses present on Udemy and Coursera. In simple words, pretty much everyone can log onto these courses and obtain knowledge. However, it is best to analyze your preliminary knowledge and skills so that you can enroll in an appropriate course. 

    These courses aren't going to benefit if you do not hold some basic knowledge and will to learn the subject. All they require is determination, effort, and time. Some of the courses do not impose any enrollment fee; it is truly the test of your own will to learn. They are free to log onto and practically offer a token of success to those who want to succeed. 


    One of the major reasons people opt for online courses to complete their education and add extra value to their portfolio is because the cost of physical education is out of bounds in this age, not to mention the heightened risk of death imposed by the pandemic. 

    The online platforms such as Coursera and Udemy allow universities to represent themselves through their professors providing online learning opportunities, but the course's cost is way less. 

    Still, with the name of the institution backing up the teacher and expertise of the teacher itself, many factors play a vital role in determining the ultimate cost of the course. It is vital to ensure you afford that cost before applying for enrolment. Still, sometimes you even get lucky as some basic courses are also available without any cost at these famous online education websites. 

    Best Physics Courses - FAQs

    Best Physics Courses – Final Word

    Just one simple certificate from an online course can shift your career around one hundred and eighty degrees. Education is meant to equip people with the necessary resources so they may be well versed in fighting the battles of this world. 

    Nowadays, entire careers depend upon higher education, and obtaining it has never been easier due to these online courses. There is no discrimination, no one is questioned for their previous records, and most of it this method has made quality education accessible to people who previously couldn't succeed because they did not have the means to get a proper degree. 

    Since the pandemic has fallen on our heads, everyone is sinking into depression, and these online courses might be one of the only few productive options that might keep our society afloat. As a wise man once said, education is a jewel that nobody can steal from you, so let's all try a little to become more knowledgeable by joining these best physics courses.

    Happy learning, people!