Best Renewable Energy Courses

Here we have a list of the best renewable energy courses online at affordable costs providing the level best education to the world.

Looking for the best renewable energy courses on the market? We've done the research to help you find the perfect renewable energy course to suit your needs.

Everyone in the world can agree that renewable energy is the future for all energy production procedures. Even if some nations or institutions do not heavily endorse it, all groups of people in hindsight believe there is no other alternative to meet the energy needs of the world.

Understanding the basics and dynamics of renewable energy is important because it will shift the world in another direction in the coming few years. Whether it concerns economic aspects, the functionality of industries, or basic living conditions, everything will be jolted under the influence of renewable energy in a positive direction, of course. 

Knowing that the developed and developing nations are slowly reverting towards renewable energy sources to fulfill the needs of their people. It is vital to be up to date with the advanced knowledge of renewable energy because many job opportunities will be dependent upon your knowledge of such renewable energy sources. 

Here we have a list of the best renewable energy courses online at affordable costs providing the level best education to the world. 

Let's take a look at them!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

If you're looking for the best renewable energy course that offers a flexible schedule, shareable certificate, and tangible outcomes, our top pick is the Exploring Renewable Energy Schemes.


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    Best Renewable Energy Courses Based on User Reviews

    Let's take a look at the top courses on the market, based on the average rating by real customers just like you.


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    Best Renewable Energy Courses: A Complete Review

    If you've made it this far into the reviews then you must be serious about your buying choice.

    Now that we've covered the quick list of courses, let's break down each of them to see why they have been chosen.

    In this section we'll cover the pro's and con's of each and give you some ideas of who each course is most suitable for.


    The world is moving towards using renewable energy resources to prevent the depletion of non-renewable energy resources. This course is concerned with the schemes to utilize renewable energy. 

    The course is focused on the off-grid and stand-alone systems of energy than large scale grid systems. It will teach you about energy generation through photovoltaic, wind, and hydroelectric systems in a focused manner. 

    It will tell you proper guidelines and steps and measures to be taken while designing these energy sources. After the theoretical course, you will implement the learning and will conduct an energy audit. 

    You will identify the energy consumption, requirements to design a system to fulfill these energy requirements, and then the cost of the total system to be implemented. In this way, you will learn about renewable energy, its energy system, energy calculation, etc. the whole course consists of six modules. 

    In the first module, the course is concerned with solar energy. In this, you will learn all the relevant laws to capture the maximum energy from the sun to fulfill the energy requirements. 

    The orientation of the solar panels and beam and diffuse radiation will be taught. In the second module, you will learn about the photovoltaic cell and how it works. Then you will learn about the charge controllers, which prevent overcharging. 

    In the fourth module, you will design a photovoltaic system with the knowledge learned from previous modules. In the last two modules, you will learn about wind and hydroelectric energy. 


    Detailed Course


    Flexible deadlines

    No prior experience required



    The course is lengthy


    Are you thinking about learning and then earning? You do not have to worry about it. This course is all you need in that case. This course will teach you the basics of renewable resources and will help you launch your business in various sectors related to it. 

    You can develop your business after this course in energy, financial, real estate, or environmental sectors. You will study the business trends and tools, too, so that you can implement all your knowledge to upgrade your financial status. 

    This course is not all about theory and explanation. It is about the practical application, implementation, and benefits in the real world. After completing this career-building course, you will be able to explore the business opportunities in the green building and renewable energy source sector. 

    So now, dive into the course and build a career. You will also be able to solve the general community and environmental problems using your master skills in renewable energy and green building entrepreneurship. 

    Get ready to explore new business ideas by knowing about Business modeling, renewable energy startup, and company entrepreneurship through this course. The three modules of this course involve knowledge about green building, renewable energy, and business opportunities. 



    To-the-point learning


    Helps you become an entrepreneur

    Gives practical ideas


    It is only a basic level course


    The course introduces you to the basics of solar energy. It tells all instructions and knowledge required to install the solar panels. This course also tells the process which is involved in the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy. 

    In short, you will learn everything about photovoltaic. In addition to this, you will learn to calculate the electricity demand of the building, to make a reduction on it, and then design a solar panel system to fulfill it. 

    The course will teach you to estimate the cost, and then you will compare different systems to meet the desired efficiency and cost. This means you will learn about the appropriateness and suitability of the solar panel system according to the location and requirement. 

    In short, you will learn about renewable energy power and energy calculations, electronic circuits, solar energy, and energy audits. The course has five weeks. Initially, it will introduce you to the solar power system and the reason for its feasibility and popularity, among other energy sources.

    Then it will tell you how to know about the requirement and the cost of the solar system for a specific building. You will also learn about the trends in the photovoltaic market and job opportunities. In the end, you will be given a capstone project to implement key skills you have learned so far.


    The course is both theoretical and practical

    Learning improves by doing capstone projects

    Tells about market trends

    Make you aware of job opportunities

    Assignments and quizzes are included


    The course is expensive


    Do you often wonder about wind energy engineering? How it works, and what are the working requirements? This course is all about it. It tells the basics and technical features of wind energy engineering. 

    No matter if you are looking for a general overview or in-depth information about wind energy and windmills, this is the perfect course for you. Wind energy is popular among other energy resources because it is a green resource. 

    You will learn the analysis of the general requirement and the design of windmill through this course. It will teach you the wind measurement and resource assessment, aerodynamics, wind turbine technology, structure and material, financial and electric systems. You will learn the general wind energy system and its implication in a fun manner. 

    After learning all this, you will be able to implement it in professional life. The course contains six modules divided into six weeks. Overall the learning outcome in these modules is estimating and calculating requirements, calculating cost, designing wind energy systems, aerodynamics, and materials.


    It is a detailed course about wind energy

    Both theoretical and practical

    Effective learning

    The whole course is divided into a 6-week schedule

    Flexible deadlines


    The course is a bit complicated


    This course provides an opportunity for you to build your professional life and career. The course also provides you with the ability to build complex financial models to support the energy requirements. 

    Not only this, but it also provides you with in-depth knowledge about the science of solar and wind systems. It will provide you a comprehensive approach to deal with the business and risk fundamentals of wind and solar power systems. 

    All the ideas and theories of these processes will be technical. The course will train you to design the plans with companies worldwide through banks, advisory teams, private equity funds, debt funds, etc. 

    It will make you ready to make the requirement and cost analysis, Debt sizing, and requirement and payment. The financial model is of vital importance in this course. In this field, you will learn to deal will financial engineering, analyze the application, and various arrangements. 

    You will learn about the efficiency factors in the above business. There are no limitations for the learners, i.e., both students and professionals can take advantage of this amazing program.


    Progress opportunity for businessmen

    Learning opportunity for students

    Includes detailed business models

    Defined chapters for the syllabus course


    The course is a little expensive


    The course emphasizes the importance of renewable energy to meet the energy needs of the present and future. The course will tell you the potentials and role of renewable energy in fulfilling the energy requirements. 

    It will teach you about different renewable energy sources and ways to generate energy from these resources. The course includes the application of renewable energy in different areas of the world. It will discuss the technology used in ten different renewable resources. 

    The focus is on technology, requirement, and application. You will learn details about the most emerging energy source. The course gives importance to solar energy and wind energy, as these are preferred sources of renewable energy worldwide. 

    It will also introduce you to the installation procedures of these energy sources and utilizing this knowledge. You can also implement your ideas. So if you are interested in starting your project of renewable energy, this course is all you need. 

    After completion of this course, you will be able to design and to recognize the design criteria of different energy sources. The course is suitable for the students and the professional interested in renewable resources and the energy generated through them.


    Suitable for both students and professionals

    It teaches about ten different renewable energy resources

    Provides business opportunities

    The course is concise

    It is engaging




    The course is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of businessmen and professionals. To join this course, you need to be familiar with excel and other investment terminologies of business. 

    The focus of the course is to teach learners a way to construct a business from scratch. In this way, it will improve their economy and increase the generation and use of renewable energy. It deals with the financial framework and design criteria to build a renewable energy source, for example, windmills, etc. 

    In addition to this, it also teaches ethical business code to get the efficiency and excellence of the business. Then comes the debt size. You will also learn to estimate that and project returns. These will help you to develop a complete financial model for your business project. 

    The course is not only confined to the financial model but also guides you about the design you need to implement to your project. That means that after doing this course, you are all ready to sign a project or start your own business in renewable energy sources. 

    The whole course is categorized into a step-by-step model that you have to follow to keep up with your business. It is an opportunity for you to become a pro in solar and wind energy projects. You will be able to build a business from scratch. 

    The course has a time length of 10 hours. As the course is online so you can completely understand the course according to you with the desired time gap.


    The time length is just 10 hours

    Teach you about wind and solar energy in a single course

    Teach you how to design a complete financial statement to initiate a project

    Well explained


    Flexible deadlines


    No division of proper schedule


    This course is highly focused in its nature. It is a detailed course studying the nature and basics of wind energy. The course is for professionals, students, and those who do a job in this sector. In this course, you will deal with the steps that are to be followed to design the proper windmill system. 

    The wind turbine is taught in detail. The working of wind turbines makes you aware of how you can induce maximum efficiency in the whole system. Then there is the complete detail about the citing process. 

    It tells you different aspects that you need to look into to ensure an efficient wind system. It will explain the reliability factors and cost assessment. After defining the cost, you will learn about the project flow. 

    Not only this, but the course will also introduce you to various career opportunities in the wind energy system. Now, learn about all the windmills, wind farms, and wind turbines through this course and implement this learning in your professional life. 

    Even if you are working as an engineer right now, you can get further guidance from it. To enroll in the course and get your hands on this amazing learning opportunity.


    It is a detailed course about wind energy

    It is beneficial for both students and professionals

    It provides career opportunities


    Certificate of completion


    Less detailed


    JavaScript has a huge benefit over other programming languages that it is flexible. It has a dynamic behavior concerning its programming procedures. This course will teach you about programming using JavaScript syntax. 

    You will learn to build different data types and variables. It will also introduce you to the conditionals of programming in JavaScript. This course will introduce you to the function too. The learning is confined to the programming, but you will also learn about the JavaScript scope. 

    Data structuring is an important aspect of programming, and this course has a detailed lesson about the arrays and data structuring. Furthermore, you will learn about loops, iterators, objects, classes, browser compatibility, and transpilation and modules of JavaScript.

    No reviews yet


    A detailed course about JavaScript

    Learn programming with no background knowledge

    Use the learned skills in different fields


    Quizzes and Assignments


    No division of schedule


    The web pages are based on our routine professions. Without HTML, the web pages are of no use. The pictures and videos are added through HTML. Without it, you cannot upload the media. So to create effective web pages, it is necessary to learn about HTML. 

    The course will teach you about HTML tags, like a framework to develop every web page. You will learn how to create tables in your HTML files and documents. It will also tell you how to integrate your HTML forms. 

    So now work on your HTML forms efficiently with the help of this course. Semantic HTML tags will help you write the documents. So get your hands on all the HTML relevant knowledge through this course.

    No reviews yet




    For amateurs as well as professionals

    No cramming required


    The course is expensive

    Best Renewable Energy Courses - Buyer's Guide

    The conventional method of procuring education and obtaining a degree certifying the authenticity and extent of your knowledge revolved around physical education and was only possible if one could get admission to extensively pricey institutions. 

    Since everything has been forced to go online, many people have turned towards obtaining knowledge and certification from websites providing online courses than universities that practically turn every student bankrupt. 

    Still, many aspects need to be considered before enrolling yourself in an online course. We have done our best to explain all concerning factors to you in detail so that no ambiguity may remain in your mind. 

    Authenticity of Website

    Just like we spend countless hours researching various universities and visiting campuses before choosing the right institution for you, it is also vital to check the authenticity of the website offering online courses. 

    Some renowned websites have proven themselves to be authentic online education providers through the test of time. But still, the decision stands to be made as one must choose one website even from the list of best of the bests. 

    Then there are other hoax websites than only use this platform to make a profit, and their intentions do not lie in providing quality education to every person in the world. one needs to be especially beware of such websites. 

    A method of determining the authenticity involves researching the websites and reading all the reviews so you may be prepared for the best and the worst-case scenarios. Secondly, some universities have endorsed some popular websites such as Coursera, Codecademy, and Udemy. 

    This endorsement is in the form of their professors being allocated for teaching on these online platforms; thus, the availability of highly qualified professionals connected to reputable and prestigious institutes further confirms the authenticity of a website.

    Qualification of Instructors 

    Online education websites work nothing like universities; they do not have the infrastructure or the power structure of a physical university. The concerning point here is that the instructors appointed to teach such complicated courses must be up to the mark.

    As countless websites are offering online courses, there are only a few authentic ones that assure the quality and credibility of teachers. Websites like Coursera, Udemy, and Codecademy are some of those few websites which offer credible teachers. 

    However, if you still feel like you need proof of the authenticity and credibility of those teachers, these websites mentioned above provide instructor profiles. In these profiles, there is an extensive record of their degrees providing proof of knowledge, their teaching experience, and the institutes they have been related to while working as online instructors. 

    Also, in some cases, some universities represent their teachers proudly on these platforms to reach as many people as possible and provide them an opportunity to learn and achieve something greater in life.

    Depth of Course 

    Renewable energy is not based on simple mechanisms; getting a grasp of this field requires extensive knowledge that needs to be acquired instead of the career aspects. There are two basic classifications; some sources provide theoretical knowledge, while others provide practical and physical knowledge. 

    Now it depends upon you to choose the line which intrigues you the most. However, a rudimentary understanding of the concepts underlying renewable energy and its practicality must be obtained before jumping into the deeper, more enhanced courses. 

    We have listed some beginner courses and some extensive enhanced courses in our reviews. It is advised to start from the simpler courses and work your way up to expert level courses to get an in-depth understanding of every aspect concerned with renewable energy.

    Shareable Certificates

    The method adopted by websites offering online courses to provide genuine proof of students' effort and achievement is through a shareable certificate. After completing a course that includes attendance of all lectures, assignments, and practicals, the website provides you a specific certificate. 

    This certificate implies that you have obtained all of the information and experience related to the subject matter; thus, it helps you enhance your CV and enhances your job prospects. Some online websites that feature proper university faculties provide certificates from those reputable institutes themselves. 

    On the other hand, some websites provide certificates with their credentials. Both of them are valid as long as you obtain proof of your knowledge and time spent learning all of the information.

    Language of Instruction 

    A major part of the world follows the English language as the official office language, but most people around the globe do not understand or speak this global language. Thus they are highly dependent on a mode of communication that revolves around their native language. 

    While most of the qualified professionals that have embraced websites to teach online courses only speak one or two languages, this language barrier becomes a problem for people who belong from different cultures.

    While most students around the globe can understand basic English, learning these advanced courses require extensive knowledge of English at times. A simple way to tackle this problem if you ever feel like the language barrier is creating a problem in your learning; then, you can always choose courses that offer subtitles in English or your native language. 

    Close observation by many students has to lead us to conclude that you must always opt for courses with subtitles as they help you take notes and understand the course material in a better way.

    Admission Criterion

    Unlike physical universities, there are no admission criteria for online courses. Websites such as Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy offer individual courses and not a proper degree. These courses can be studied as per one's field as an extension of knowledge or in place of a degree if one does not afford to study in a physical institute. 

    These courses do not provide a diploma or a degree; rather, they provide a shareable certificate certifying that you have obtained the necessary knowledge for that and that course only. This means that anyone worldwide can go online and study these courses to enhance their knowledge.

    Best Renewable Energy Courses - FAQs

    Best Renewable Energy Courses - Final Word

    Education is one of the basic human rights, but for almost half of the population of the world, it seems like a distant dream due to barriers such as cost and lack of high school diplomas. These online courses are a solace for people who want to learn but can't due to unlimited restrictions.

    These websites offer low-cost courses with highly qualified professionals and a shareable certificate as proof of knowledge. With the presence of these websites, now everyone can attain quality education irrespective of their previous knowledge or background. 

    Go through the best renewable energy courses above and choose one that you think is perfect for you!