Best Space & Astronomy Books for Kids

Looking to introduce your kids to the study of planets and stars? This review covers the best Space and Astronomy books which are absolutely perfect for kids. It also includes a fantastic buyer's guide which will enable you to choose the most age appropriate book for your child.

Looking for the best space & astronomy books for kids? You have come to the right place! Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. It is a natural science concerned with the evolution, physics, movement of celestial objects, and the formation of the universe. Man has always been mesmerized by this enormous cluster of millions and millions of stars and planets in this enormous vacuum known as space.

Early childhood education is one of the most important things for the healthy upbringing of children and the development of their minds. Therefore, we bring about a variety of books concerning the realm of space and astronomy illuminating with colorful pages and illustrations to introduce younglings to the amazement of space. 

The books we have reviewed are concise and well-equipped with adequate knowledge required to grasp the interest of children. Available at affordable prices, these 10 best space & astronomy books for kids are one of the greatest deals you will find on the internet.

If you are still hankering for more knowledge, we have provided you with a buying guide down below.

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Little Kids First Big Book of Space
  • Easy to comprehend for the minds of the children
  • Easy to read the text.
  • Vivid graphics are included
  • Contains fundamental ideas about space

This delightful book is the most recent addition to the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book arrangement. The bright pages will acquaint little youngsters with the marvels of space. The bright illustrations by David Aguilar and the straightforward content that is ideal for beginners.

The 10 Best Space & Astronomy Books Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Space & Astronomy Books for Kids Out There

For a better understanding of the content of the books and to enable you to choose the right book for your child, we are here to help you out.

Little Kids First Big Book of Space

This delightful book is the most recent addition to the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book arrangement. The bright pages will acquaint little youngsters with the marvels of space. The bright illustrations by David Aguilar and the straightforward content that is ideal for beginners.

The book will clarify fundamental ideas of space, starting with things that are very basic, natural to kids, and well-known to them. Going into the depths of the vast universe through its multidimensional approach to space, this book covers every object ranging from things close to our planet to those celestial objects that are light-years away from the Earth.


  • Easy to comprehend for the minds of the children
  • Easy to read the text.
  • Vivid graphics are included
  • Contains fundamental ideas about space
  • Contents include information about sun, moon, and Earth
  • Expands on various fields


  • Conceptualizes on a basic level only
Super Cool Space Facts

Take an energizing, excitement-filled trip that goes where all incredible space books for kids should―to the milky way and beyond! Cool Space Facts is full of information about planets, amazing dark holes, stars, vast galaxies, and a lot more.

The book gives kids an insight into the universe more comprehensively than what our naked eye can see, or our wildest imaginations could see. Full-color photos and humorous content is what grasps the interest of the children and makes them more aware of the cosmos and its fascinating secrets.

So if you are looking to truly energize your child with a book that is filled with fun graphics and designs, then this is the model for you.


  • Latest edition
  • Fun-filled, easily takes in the attention and interest of children.
  • Contains galaxies of amazement
  • Entertaining information―Fill your external space adventure with the jokes, big word alerts, and captivating mysteries of the universe all such space books for children should have.
  • Full-color photos―witness how cool space is with great pictures of stars, planets, galaxies, constellations, and more.


  • Too comical.
There's No Place Like Space

This book takes budding astronomers and beginning readers on a wild trip to see the eight planets present in our solar system. They don't take this trip alone. The Thing One, Thing two, Dick, Sally, and the Cat in the Hat accompany them on this amazing journey.

This book provides your kids with a lot of information about the space. This book contains information about all the planets, their atmosphere, moons, etc. making it more informative and worthwhile for kids to learn and explore new things. The book takes them into their wildest imaginations with their favorite characters. 

The book is filled with various entertaining scenarios that entice the minds of youngsters. By showing kids what the outer world looks, it definitely plays a hand in giving birth to future astronomers and scientists.


  • Cartoon characters make it more attractive to children.
  • Offers better paper quality
  • It focuses on the solar system, so it has extensive information in its genre.
  • Different chapters focus on different aspects of the planetary system and highlight new things.
  • Greater durability of the product


  • Old edition.
  • It only focuses on the solar system. Limited context.
Space Coloring Book for Kids

Coloring books is not only a fun-filled activity for young children enabling them to spend a fun and productive time.

This book is a space coloring book for girls, boys, and kids who love space. It highlights full-page drawings of planets, spaceships, space travelers, rockets, sun, aliens, meteors, stars, and moon. Your kids can spend hours having fun learning about space and astronomy.

It also includes extra pages. Coloring books like these not only allow them to have a basic aesthetic sense but also open their visions regarding the outer space realm. They learn more about things that exist beyond the constraints of this world and about things that are yet to be explored by man.


  • High-quality print.
  • Good paper quality
  • Single side for display and tear out
  • Offers high-resolution printing
  • Durable glossy cover


  • It doesn't contain information about astronomy or space.
Kids Everything Space

Prepare to launch into space to explore stars, planets, and a lot more! This book will pull the attention of your kids with fun facts, reports from adventurers, along with various maps and infographics, and over 100 pictures.

Amazing content, including pictures, maps, and visual representation of data is what makes this book different than all of the ones discussed before. The facts present in this book are taken directly from one of the most authentic sources of astronomy and space in this world, National Geographic.

This edition of the book is filled with the latest discoveries in the field of astronomical science.


  • Maps, visual data, graphical representation of information.
  • One of the most authentic publishers in the science of astrology
  • Depiction of the known universe visually.
  • Unique in its elements
  • Great graphics are included


  • A bit costly.
Kids Super Space Sticker Activity Book

The superspace sticker activity book is full of stickers of planets, stars, aliens, and a lot more. This book is full of cool information that will definitely gain the attention of kids. Signs of extraterrestrial life forms and the urge to discover them is what gives an adrenaline rush to the children reading this edition of National Geographic Kids.

It is full of mazes, patterns and spelling games, and a lot more things such as drawing activities that kids are surely going to love.

This is a brand new edition of the item, so it has the latest information relating to outer space. Stickers of space stations, spacecraft, astronauts, planets, stars, and cosmos not only make it more attractive towards the children but also enable them to remember objects of outer space in a better way through this fun-filled activity.


  • High paper quality
  • Affordable
  • Alluring
  • 1000 Stickers
  • National geographic copyright
  • Latest edition
  • Activity-based


  • A bit costly
Hello, World! Solar System

Hello, World! is a book series that introduces non-fiction concepts and facts about the universe to infants and babies. Written in clear and simple terms and including cheerful, bright illustrations, this book makes learning easy and fun for youngsters to increase their intuitive skills and make them more aware of the fields of science and astronomy.

There are helpful prompts on each page to engage your kids in the learning process. It's an ideal method to bring nature and science into the hustling and bustling universe of a little child. This is why Hello World! Solar System could be regarded as one of the best learning books for children in the market.


  • Multi-dimensional.
  • Has a good paper quality
  • Contains information about Climate, Backyard Bugs, Birds
  • Has a good paper quality


  • Not for teenagers
My Best Pop-up Space Book

Intended for little children with ages 3-5, My Best Pop-Up Space Book is a youngster's first guide to the amazing mysteries of the universe. When you open the book, you will hear an amazing sound that will attract the attention of the youngsters.

There are pop-up surprises on every page in the book. The unique content on every single page will not only increase the kid's enthusiasm for astronomy but would also inculcate a positive approach towards reading books. 

All important topics are covered in this book, including the sun, the Earth, the stars, and the moon. The book has various elements that make it enticing for young children, including glittery stars and a full-page picture of the solar system. 

All content is age-appropriate and provides kids with strong educational knowledge. The photographs in the book are clearly labeled, thus, making the book interesting for the readers.


  • Fluorescent colors
  • It contains all the important information that is required at a beginner's level
  • Affordable
  • Designed for kids aged 3-5
  • Has a unique blast-off sound button on the cover
  • Pop-up surprises and shimmery attractions
  • All important subject matter related to outer space covered at a beginner's level


  • Too glittery
Space Dictionary for Kids

Full of various detailed definitions about stargazing and space, Space Dictionary for Kids is sure to start any child's excitement for space and science. Investigate cosmology, stars and worlds, and the solar system, with the help of this comprehensive dictionary.

With this space dictionary, get familiar with the tale of how old human ideas about science advanced over hundreds of years to turn into high-innovation scientific knowledge. Laugh uncontrollably over the comical sidebars that add a light touch to the astronomical information with models, clarifications, graphs, tests, and even short exercises to improve understanding. 

Utilize the references and further information present at the end to help discover more data about space science. It is ideal to use in help with assignments, or if you simply need to learn more about cool things in the system. Separated into different portions for easy access to straightforward definitions and amazing, fully colored pictures, Space Dictionary for Kids is an unquestionable requirement for any child's home library!


  • Gives kids a broader perspective of space and universe
  • Affordable
  • Nice design
  • Alluring colors
  • Dictionary resource that catalogs the names of a unique object of the universe
  • Gives detailed information about things in space
  • Study of life in the universe
  • Evolution of science
  • Link of ancient astronomical credence with modern science. Timeline of astronomy


  • Too much variation, making it difficult for the kids to focus on a single subject.
Smart Kids Space

Smart Kids Space is an amazing book that is full of facts regarding space and the mysteries it holds. From the Solar System to the Milky Way, from Mercury to Mars, from Space Shuttle to the UFO's, Smart Kids Space is a perfect first manual for the secrets and marvels of our mind-blowing universe.

Written in a friendly and open style, the useful content is complemented by the dazzling full cover photography. It is the ideal book to present to youngsters over the age of 3. Eloquently written, this book is very appealing to the kids. All scientific data is comprehensively covered in such a way, which makes it easier for children to learn.

For kids who really love space, this book is the one that would make any kid interested in the depths of space and astronomy—recommended as one of the best books your child would ever need.


  • Quality content
  • Factual
  • Good quality
  • Subject matter covers the whole milky way galaxy
  • Great visualization
  • New attractions on every page.


  • Not appealing for kids above preschool.

Buying Guide

With the great amount of variety, both in quality and quantity, present out there, it becomes a little confusing for an ordinary person with limited knowledge of kid's books to decide what to spend money on

Well, this is where you'll need our services. We will help you in finding the best content book available out there for the basic purpose of mind expansion and learning for your child.

It might look easy, but getting the right deal out of these kid's books relating to astronomy and science isn't as easy. Books are one of the greatest ways of learning and enriching your knowledge in a particular field.

We are going to help you figure out what are the factors you need to consider before buying any book in stock.

Interest and compatibility

Just like every other thing in the world, children aren't all the same. Hence it is extremely important that you find a book that is fully compatible with your child's personality and liking. Every child will have different criteria of what suits him best, and as a parent or a teacher, it is your sole responsibility to see what sort of books spark your child's content the most. Unless you do that, you won't be able to ensure that your child learns from the content of the book. 

You could give them the best book in the world, but if it doesn't interest them, they are more likely to repel it. For instance, some children like to read books with more written content. They are able to grasp more knowledge that way—however, other children like more visual stimuli in order to grasp the content. 


The content of space and astronomy books matter a lot, especially if your child has no previous experience with such books. They aren't your common fairy tales or child story books that will instantly appeal to the child. You need to make sure that the content in the book is accurate and can successfully catch the interest of your child. 

Moreover, you also need to ensure that you get reliable books from renowned authors. This is important because the world is changing every day, and there are loads of false information out there. You certainly don't want your child to learn the wrong things or inaccurate things from these books. So to ensure the content is true, make sure you get books from amongst our list.


Graphics are visual images or content that are illustrated in the form of pictures, photographs, or images. When it comes to children, graphics play a huge role. They not only make the content seem more interesting but also more relatable. This is important because any book that contains a lot of written information without any graphics is likely to repulse the child, and as a parent, you certainly don't want that. 

You need to get your hands on a space astronomy book that contains good quality and informative images. You also need to find the perfect balance between written and graphical content. 

Age Appropriateness

When it comes to children, you can never be too sure. Age appropriateness is an important feature that you need to ensure when buying a space and astronomy book. This is because if you give a 5-year old child a book that uses difficult language and phrases, it will be very difficult for the child to understand. 

Similarly, if you get a 10-year-old with a book containing childish content, he or she will be bored instantly and might not want to continue reading. So it is important that you get a book that is appropriate for your child's mental ability.

It is also important to know that not all children will find the same content appropriate. Your child might be a beginner even at age 10 and might require a beginner level book instead of an advanced one. So you need to keep that in mind too.


Like with most products, price is a factor when it comes to books too, especially if you are a parent who buys books frequently. You want to spend your money efficiently and not waste too much in very expensive books. You can get amazing books at affordable prices, so the myth surrounding cheaper books having bad quality is totally wrong. 

There are numerous books, some on our list too that are very cheap and still contain the best of contents. Moreover, you need to ensure that you get books from relatively renowned publishers. This will not only ensure reliability for the product but will also ensure you get the best of the best.


With rising modernity and acceptance towards different ethnicities, authors of books are also moving towards more diversified content. It is extremely important that you allow your children to view content that is free from racial or ethnic bias. 

With children, you need to be extra careful because even the minute of things can have a long-lasting effect on the child's life. Books should include knowledge from a range of countries and backgrounds. This will not only introduce your child to different people and cultures but will also widen his perspective on life.

Format and Design

The format and the way the book is written make a huge difference in how it is perceived by people, especially children. When it comes to informative books, children tend to observe the format and the design even more because unless it offers them a range of colors and proper arrangement of information, they are less likely to be influenced by the content.

What separates the books in this list from others is the emphasis on the format and design. The format has been designed especially to cater to the minds of young adults. They also use tons of colors that are appealing to the eye. Not only that, but the information is also properly organized so that the children's minds aren't bombarded by too much information.

Material Quality

The books should come with proper paper quality because, at the end of the day, you don't want your child to tear off the book easily. 

Children and young adults are also known to find good hardcovers more appealing. Before you buy a book, make sure it is well-constructed and has good quality.


Why should I get Astronomy books?

Now the answer to this for many would be too complex, but in reality, it is simple and easy. Anything that helps children seek knowledge and increase their mental capabilities is what is beneficial for them and vice versa.

Space is still a mere mystery to mankind because the known universe is only 4%. Books about astronomy not only entice the minds of the children but also creates passion and curiosity in oneself to explore.

Why should I get my kid a book instead of showing them a cool movie, a tv show, or a video game?

In our opinion, books, as well as TV shows, movies, and video games, are equally important. Kids can spend their leisure time playing with consoles or watching their favorite toy story movie. However, books are of great significance, even in today's world. Reading expands the imagination of children and tends to attract them towards studying, which is a trait that goes on throughout the life of an individual.

Do authors and publishers matter when it comes to books?

Yes, authors and publishers do matter when it comes to books. The books that we are offering have great publishers such as National Geographic, Random House Books for Young Readers, Prufrock press, etc.

Final Words

A lot of people throughout the world find star gazing enjoyable. The knowledge of astronomy is essential for the smooth progression in the fields of planetary science and aerospace technology for your kids.

In a globalized world of today, competition in the field of study or profession has increased so much that for someone to succeed in life, the quest for knowledge should certainly start at an early age. The world waits for no one. It is developing and progressing day by day, and in today's scenario, only the fittest would survive. 

In this article, we have tried our best to remove any possible queries you might have had regarding the best space and astronomy for kids. We have also tried to make it easy for you to decide which book you should buy for your children.
Happy Reading, Folks!