Best Space Games For The XBox One Buyer's Guide

Are you into space adventure? Do you like incredible interstellar vistas and adventures? Looking to play the best XBox One games which are space themed? Don't worry we have you covered! Check out our top tips for the best space games available right now for the Xbox One.

Are you into space adventure? Do you like incredible interstellar vistas and adventures? Then, you are in the right place. We have reviewed the ten best X box one space games that will blow your mind!

Every avid gamer has once owned an Xbox one, even for most of the gamers of this generation, an Xbox one was their initial gaming console. This specific model of console introduced a generation full of teenagers into the colorful world of gaming. 

The usual perceptive barriers were shattered as this gaming console offered multiplayer games that offered multiple players to tune into one game, compete with enemies, and bond all while being productive and out of danger. 

As there is a variety of games that can be run on this amazing device, one particular genre appeals to us the most. Space games are one step towards the informative fictional reality which offers an all in one deal. To learn all about space games that you can play on Xbox, read on!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Amazing graphics
  • An epic multiplayer
  • Player driven game
  • Complex and intriguing

Elite Dangerous: The Legendary Edition is a masterpiece in itself as it provides you the freedom as your skills gradually increase in the game. Your strength, knowledge, and wealth enhance when your rank changes to elite. Across a 1:1 galaxy, science fiction and Hidden references nods are sprinkled.

The game is driven by the player in a 34th-century galaxy. This game is based on the real scientific principle, which provides you complete galactic and technological simulation. The elite terrors got updated, and new features are introduced in the game from time to time, keeping it alive.

The 10 Best Space Games Xbox One Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Space Games Xbox One Out There

In this section, we review the Top 10 Space Games Xbox One.

Elite Dangerous The Legendary Edition

Elite Dangerous: The Legendary Edition is a masterpiece in itself as it provides you the freedom as your skills gradually increase in the game. Your strength, knowledge, and wealth enhance when your rank changes to elite. Across a 1:1 galaxy, science fiction and Hidden references nods are sprinkled.

The game is driven by the player in a 34th-century galaxy. This game is based on the real scientific principle, which provides you complete galactic and technological simulation. The elite terrors got updated, and new features are introduced in the game from time to time, keeping it alive.


  • Amazing graphics
  • An epic multiplayer
  • Player driven game
  • Complex and intriguing


  • A lot of experience is required to play skillfully
Surviving Mars

Do you love action and exploration? Ever wanted to live on the mars? Then, this game is for you.  In this game, you can build a colony having a prosperous and healthy society. All you require are supplies, experience with sandstorms, training, and oxygen for your survival.  

You can build infrastructure and domes and use drones to open more paths to redesign and enlarge your community or relax after a hard day's work at your home. And research new possibilities to cultivate your food, mine minerals. 

You can discover the secrets of black cubes that have appeared from nowhere along with your efforts to survive in the harsh environment of Mars. 


  • Sandbox exploration
  • Futuristic city building
  • Survival in an unfamiliar land
  • Expansive modes
  • Good soundtrack


  • No tutorials
Everspace Steller Addition

Have you ever fancied about going into space? Exploring the stars and space on your rocket? If the idea fascinates you, then you are in the right place. In this game, you venture like a rogue exploring systems for enemies, resources, and upgrades until you die.

Everspace stellar edition provides you with an immersive experience. You can buy different weapons and the modules and then sell them again at the same price at the station. You can play it with your friends and can have all the fun you want!


  • Effective controls
  • Nice Combat
  • Adventurous
  • Fun
  • Immersive experience


  • A lot of redundancies
Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 7 provides you the fiercest air combat experience and the most advanced warplanes ever created. It also includes an immersive storyline, futuristic aircraft to fly, photorealistic visuals, a multitude of authentic, intense dog-fighting action, and even virtual reality.

With the evolution of its graphics engine, it engages the player and blows his mind. This game has real-world current and near-future weapons, which composes the alternative Ace Combat universe. The virtual Combat is for unparalleled immersion.

In this game, there is beautiful scenery. The sky is filled with clouds and highly detailed aircraft. The sense of unparalleled speed is enhanced by the high skyline. All of this provides a stage for sky battles. This game will introduce to us formidable enemies and an arsenal of ultra-modern superweapons.


  • Detailed graphics
  • Innovative
  • Virtual Combat
  • Superior air power


  • Not available in all countries
No Man’s Sky

Searching for an epic adventure having all the fun of science fiction in an infinite universe? Where every star is the light of the distant sun? All the sun you have imagined is orbited by the planets where life exists. And, you could choose where you want to live in this vast universe. Then, this game is especially recommended for you.

No man's sky is a wonderful game. You can fight privately or be the wingman for your team. You can live with them in the colonies you have built with them. In this game, you will fight the creature in the universe and fierce pirates and get to know that there is a price for your survival that you have to pay.

You have to make choices for upgrading weapons and ships. This game is a player-driven game where you can do what you want to do. You can be what you want to be! Whether you want to be a fighter or a thief. You can share your map that is of limited space with other players and enjoy your adventure with them.


  • Multiplayer game
  • Epic voyage
  • Player-driven
  • Can be played with a friend
  • Adventurous
  • Innovative features


  • Repetition
Space Hulk Tactics

Space Hulk: Tactics is the adaption of board game Space Hulk. It brings a twist in the classic formula, which is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This game comprises fierce battles, deadly alien Genestealers, terminator space marines, asteroids, wrecked starships, and debris.

The question arises which side will you choose. You can lead the Genestealers or the blood angel squad, which get upgraded eventually. You can customize your game with the help of cards and change the course. The game can also be triggered by your persuasive abilities.

You can play this game online and have battles with other players. You can Command a squad of Genestealers or a swarm of the Space Wolves. Blood Angels, the Ultramarines, or the Dark Angels present in the four Space Marine Chapters available.

The feature that makes Space Hulk: Tactics unique is the creation of its map. You can share it with your friends and then play with them.


  • Tactical battles
  • Customization of units
  • Great storyline 
  • Challenge players online
  • An intuitive map creation tool


  • No instructions manual
The Outer Worlds

The outer World is a new single-player sci-fi RPG first-person narrative that will undoubtedly blow your mind. It is a creation of private division and obsidian entertainment while you are on a colonist ship, which has been lost in transit for decades and wakes up to find that you are stuck amid a conspiracy threatening to destroy the Halcyon colony.

The game is a player-driven story. As you explore the secrets of the universe and your character develops, then you choose your destiny. Your moves will define the fate of the colony. A corporate board owns and controls the Halcyon, which is a colony at one of the edges of the galaxy.

Find your ship and explore the space stations, settlements, and other essential locations in Halcyon.


  • Single player-driven story RPG
  • Adventurous and fun
  • Unique gimmick
  • Great role-playing


  • Limited weapons selection
  • Lackluster confrontation with the enemies


Prey- Xbox One

Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up somewhere in the universe and have no idea who you are? In Prey, you wake up in 2032 in the future aboard Talos I, which is a space station that orbits around the moon.

The key to changing the course of humanity lies in an experiment, and you are a part of the experiment. The aliens that own the space station are now after you. The things that can save you while you dig into your past and secrets of Talos 1 are your strength, your wit, the weapons you have collected, and your mind-changing ability.

You can upgrade your character by taking abilities from the aliens. The new and better power will help you use your abilities in a better way. 


  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Fascinating environment
  • Superb graphics
  • Interesting Combat


  • Sometimes death reloads take time
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a new 3rd person action-adventure that will keep you interested and will blow your is a creation of Respawn Entertainment. It is a narratively-driven single-player game where you play the role of a Jedi Padawan who escaped Order 66, Episode 3 events: Revenge of the Sith.

To reconstruct the order of Jedi, you strengthen your character, have more powers, work on your abilities, and be a master of the art of the iconic lightsaber. To give this game a reminisce of the star wars movie, and the players have many bloody combats with a cinematically-charged lightsaber. 

The players strategically use his abilities and Jedi training against the enemy by first sizing up their powers and weaknesses. The game provides droids, new characters, creatures, locations, and adversaries. The players survive while questing to rebuild the Jedi order.


  • A single-player Star Wars game
  • Lightsaber combat
  • Pre Order bonus
  • Adventurous
  • Engaging- the Jedi's journey


  • Control issues
Star Wars: Battlefront

Are you a Star Wars Battle fan? Then this game is for you. In this game, you visit planets from the original Star Wars trilogy, which is highly detailed with a sense of authenticity and an unprecedented amount of realism.

It has the original sound effects from the films. The visual recreations of iconic planets, characters, weapons, and vehicles in the Star Wars universe are stunning. You can drive a diverse set of ground-based vehicles, including nimble speeder bikes, and also battle alongside your friends in offline split-screen Co-op mode and online.

Fighting for the Empire or Rebellion in a variety of multiplayer matches (for up to 40 players) and challenging others is the best experience!


  • Immersive
  • Photorealistic Interactive Experience
  • Ground-based Combat 
  • Great music
  • Amazing graphics


  • Gameplay has issues
  • The offline game has no support

Buying Guide

The system of every generation of gaming consoles differ from another, and even consoles from different brands vary from each other in many aspects. After that, there is a humongous variety of games in their specific region as well. 

Even if we narrow down to games of one genre and the ones that are compatible with the gaming console you own, there is still a lot of tracing and research involved in choosing the right game. We understand that this process can be a little too much for the nerves and steals the fun and excitement out of purchasing a video game. 

This entire district of technology is based on providing an outlet for people to relax and let some steam blow out of their systems from their hectic lives. And nitpicking over details of games is not a relaxing job to do. So, we have done it for you, in this buying guide, we have tried to mention all necessary features that are essential for the smooth functioning of a game and providing an extra dose of fun and entertainment. 

After hours of scouring through the internet, we have finalized a list of aspects that are most desirable in a video game for Xbox One, and they are discussed below explicitly. To learn everything about space games for Xbox one, read the below mentioned buying guide, and you will be good to go.

Engaging Graphics

As we all understand, even the non-gamers, every form of entertainment these days is evolving into a digital space. The television has evolved into LEDs that offer an increased level of display picture quality. With the evolution of gaming consoles, their graphic chips have also evolved into superior structures. 

All of the eight generation console fanatics can agree to my point when I say that this generation played a pivotal role in the evolution of graphics for gaming. Our primary sense is sight, and we highly depend on our vision to guide us in our adventures through the day to day life. 

Now that you understand that this aspect plays such a vital role in the functionality of a person, it has an equal amount of involvement in gaming as well. As most games require complete concentration, to capture the concentration of a gamer, the game must be eye-catching itself. 

Most of our perspective for every little thing depends upon the visual aid provided by our eyes, the success of a game also depends on its ability to produce highly directional content that is straightforward and explicit. The graphics are not only about the smooth motion of pictures but are an expression of art, and thus hold the ability to influence emotion and perception, which ultimately leads to immersion in the game.

Audio Tracks

Immersion in a video game requires utter submission of the player involving all of its senses, including hearing. Our ears provide us with so much more than just a safe passage of sound waves to travel into the audio center of the brain. They are responsible for stability and our second most important sense, perception of the world by intercepting sounds.

The audio tracks of most immersive games hold a unique badge of individuality, but another vital aspect is inter-gaming sounds. The title track alone does not stand a chance is foraging through the human mind and forcing it into submission. 

The inter game sounds and tracks matter a lot as they can indicate the level of intensity of a certain level of the game and provide a sense of achievement by blasting happy music at the end of a cool mission. The music is an inherent part of the soul, and if that part is not pleased rightfully enough, there is no chance that a game can succeed in capturing hearts. 

The music does not only need to be present, but it needs to correlate with the theme of the game and actually be of good quality.

Relatable characters 

The 'good quality' games are not results of any hasty decisions; every game that tops the charts checks out in every desirable quality. A game that fails to create an immersive environment fails in general. One of the key aspects of creating an immersive experience is giving an illusion of reality, which can be achieved through humanizing the characters by giving them a relatable back story traced to human emotions. 

This way, a particular gamer can relate to the characters of the game and will likely play it with more interest as now they become interested in knowing the complete journey of that character. If the game is entirely based on old characters that have already established their dominance in the entertainment world, then that game needs to stick to the original back story. 

A new hint of excitement can be added by creating alternate endings and pathways for that character. Usually, the games based on comic book characters end up becoming more famous because they do not have to establish a connection with their key demographic.


Another essential method that revolves around giving characters influential backgrounds is depicting the game in a story like a sequence where every level completed opens new chapters in the game that leads to multiple revelations and the entrance of new characters. 

When there is continuity in the story, and it does not include plot holes, players are most likely to stick to that game rather than tend to every teenager's basic biological drives. Secondly, if there is a chain of continuous revelations and pop-ups of mystery characters, it keeps the spark and interest alive as the player can only reveal the truth by playing the game with avid concentration and succeeding in completing levels.

Multiplayer Interface 

Most eight-generation gaming consoles like Xbox one offer multiplayer gaming either through online channels or multiple game controllers. It is essential that the game's software must allow a multiplayer interface so that avid gamers can maintain a social life while enjoying the amazing world of virtual reality. 

If you or your child likes to enjoy some company while gaming or like to unload over a friendly match to ward off a bet, then you must check to see for the availability of multiplayer interface software.

Simulation Games

A simulation game is such that, where you control an alternate reality of your own chosen character that might even resemble your traits as you have to program and influence their activities throughout the game. 

Simulation games are most advanced of all games as they immerse all of the centers of the brain, including the prefrontal cortex, which is supposed to present logic, reasoning, and emotions. Xbox one is an advanced gaming console and might be able to support simulation games. 

Since the topic of concern today is space games, imagine how cool it would be to simulate an astronaut character of your own. This type of supportive software of games top the charts as they offer an immaculate immersive experience to the gamer, including a surprising amount of self-appraisal by a false sense of achievement. 

Multiple Missions

Usually, all games include multiple missions of the same game that are unlocked only after completing the initial challenge. Sometimes, such games also include bonus missions for succeeding at a particular task. This phenomenon is widely used by gaming companies to tend to the sense of accomplishment of their customers and keep them hooked on the numerous versions of games they introduce in the market every step of the way.


Most of today's age video game fanatics involve adolescents and teenagers, and some very suspiciously grown-up people also love to indulge in this guilty pleasure of blowing off steam from the hectic lifestyles that have been forced upon us to survive a simple life. 

Often the games are not censored and include explicit content that can very much harm the innocent mind of children. It is vital to check the game for any malicious content by either reading about the backstory or checking out a preview on the internet. 


Since most games are only a few missions long and roughly require about 40-50 hours to complete the entire game for an avid gamer. It is essential to closely monitor the costs of these games as there is a chance that you might be forced to purchase a stack full of games that are somehow related to the original story. 

To keep a child engaged in video games for their playtime, in these desperate locks down situations, it is vital that either you purchase a very long game that has moderate pricing or multiple games with smaller missions that cost less than usual to effectively maintain a balance between entertaining your child while managing a budget.


Are these Xbox space games informational?

As this blog about a specific genre of games, aka space-related games, I am willing to take a leap and say they are informational in one way or the other. It is a really difficult task to incorporate accurate information into a game and still produce an impeccable game that will gather the interests of a teenage audience.

So, some of these games are informative, but they should not be the only source for kids to learn information about the amazing field of astronomy.

Are these games factually correct?

Most of these Xbox one space games are purely fictional, so they are not fact-checked with the actual world events. Although some games are based on true missions of astronauts exploring the celestial objects in deep space, in those as well, some information is altered to turn it into an enjoyable game.

If your reference is towards superhero-based games that have previous versions, then yes, most of them are factually correct with their hero characters' past adventures through comics or movies.

What is the usual price range for these Xbox space games?

Usually, the cost of these games depends upon their compatibility with the latest gaming consoles and their immersive quality, so there is not a clear range or price. Although most games range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, depending upon any inclusion of extension or emulation software.

Are these games interactive enough to be enjoyed by adults and children alike?

The games are interactive enough to be liked by all ages, but some games have uncensored or PG content that needs to be evaluated before being handed over to children.

Final Words

Xbox one marked the evolution of Microsoft gaming consoles into the 8th-generation, following in the footsteps of PS4 and Wii2. While the console does offer some basic games, specific games can be bought and run on it to expand the utilization of this device.

As we all know that gaming consoles are not very cheap, so for a gaming system to evolve to such a point where it can run a simulation, and other games without any interference are amazing.

The best space games Xbox one mentioned in our blog are the best ones still available in the market, so our advice would be to cash on them as soon as possible!

Happy gaming, Folks!