Best Space Lego Sets

It doesn't matter if you are an Adult or a child; everyone loves Lego. For those space enthusiasts there's no better type of Lego than space Lego. As a result we felt we were well placed to bring together this definitive buying guide on the very best Space Lego sets available for the avid fan.

Looking for the Best Space Lego Sets that you can buy for your kids? You have come to the right place! There are loads of creative toys in the market, but the ones that have stood the test of time are the building block toys. History proves that in the earliest of times, man used such building blocks made out of wood or clay as a form of amusement for children.

There is no age limit to Lego toys, and we believe everyone has a child inside of them that waits to burst out whenever it gets the chance.

There are hundreds of genres that these building blocks have divided themselves into. When it comes to Space Lego sets, there are numerous benefits of such toys on the mental health and mental capacity of your child.

If your child is already a fan of Legos, then they will love this division as well. Especially if your child is a space fanatic and daydreams about becoming an astronaut, then these sets might even get you the award of the best gift giver.

In short, getting these Best Space Lego sets for your child might become the shortcut for obtaining the title of the best parent ever!

We have discussed in detail the benefits of such toys, and your queries have been answered in the FAQ section. The buying guide contains aspects to look for in a Space Lego set to help you purchase the perfect one for your child.

Let's get started!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Lego Space Satellite Launchpad (3366)
  • Enhances your kid's technical skills
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Durable
  • Non-toxic

Make your child a space enthusiast by buying this Lego Space Satellite LaunchPad for him. This kit consists of parts that are joined to make a very beautiful rocket. Your kid can launch this rocket in orbit of Space, which is made up of plastic and has very beautiful colors.

There are instructions within the package that children have to follow to put all the pieces together. The satellite can be moved with the help of a truck in that Launchpad. It will develop a sense of creativity in your child. 

The 10 Best Space Lego Sets Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Space Lego Sets Out There

In this section, we review the Top 10 Space Lego Sets available for amateurs and professions.

Lego Space Satellite Launchpad (3366)

Make your child a space enthusiast by buying this Lego Space Satellite LaunchPad for him. This kit consists of parts that are joined to make a very beautiful rocket. Your kid can launch this rocket in orbit of Space, which is made up of plastic and has very beautiful colors.

There are instructions within the package that children have to follow to put all the pieces together. The satellite can be moved with the help of a truck in that Launchpad. It will develop a sense of creativity in your child. 

The kit will help your kids in brain exercise because it contains 169 pieces that have to be put together. These pieces can be joined together to make a Launch vehicle, Astro-Scientist Mini-figure, console, rocket, detachable satellite, and Launchpad. 

The material is plastic and is durable. Plus, the satellite Launchpad does not contain any toxic chemicals


  • Enhances your kid's technical skills
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Durable
  • Non-toxic


  • Relatively expensive
LEGO Space Center 3368

LEGO Space Center consists of a detailed space kit that will make your kid interested in Space. This kit consists of 2 astronauts. Both have their function, i.e., one is the operator, and the other one is a mechanic.

The major part of this toy is a rocket that is 14.5 inches tall. Other parts include a control center, launch platform, rolling launch pad, transport vehicle, four mini-figures, and a satellite. The astronaut can be loaded in the rocket with the help of an elevator. 

This toy seems like the original space rocket when the Launchpad counts from three to zero. The kit also consists of a vehicle that carries astronauts. The kit has a total of 494 pieces. You do not need to worry about the mess created by such a large number of pieces because these pieces are packed into sub-models. 

The kit also includes an instruction guide to follow. This toy is suitable for kids who are 6 to 12 years old.


  • Boosts your child's interest in Space
  • Helps in kid's brain exercise
  • Various accessories
  • Comes with clear instructions


  • The small pieces are hazardous for underage kids
LEGO City Space Port 60080 Spaceport Building Kit

LEGO City Space Port 60080 Spaceport Building Kit has all the components of a rocket and Launchpad to make it look real. There is a mobile Launchpad that consists of a driver's cab, a beacon. For astronauts, there are two mugs, helmets, and wrench. Then you can launch and place a satellite in orbit.

The space shuttle has a very reasonable size. There is a fuel tank along with a rocket booster. All you have to do is to load the satellite and then launch it. The Launchpad also makes a countdown sound that counts from 3 to zero. 

At the liftoff point, the main engine will ignite, and in the step, the satellite will be launched. The kit also has an antenna and vehicle. The kit is specially designed for kids having age 6 to 12 years old.


  • The kit has a complete mechanism like a real rocket launch
  • Comes with two astronauts and their accessories
  • The Launchpad makes countdown sound


  • Comparatively expensive
LEGO City Space Lunar Space Station 60227 Space Station Building Set

This toy model has three different modules. It has a shuttle toy that is a means of supply between the Moon and the Earth. It also has two astronauts who will control everything. Along with these two astronauts, there is a robot and two crew members as well.

The Satellite and the Shuttle are the significant components. Then there is a kitchen module and a living room module. There is a unique central airlock too. The kit consists of a total of 412 pieces that are to put together. 

It seems complicated but is not since the package has an instruction guide, which is easy to follow. This tool kit is NASA inspired. 

The three different modules can be built together and can be detached too. Your kid will experience a sense of achievement after putting various pieces together. The kit is designed for kids aged 6+.


  • Has three modules
  • A good source of brain exercise for kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • This toy kit is detailed and may prove difficult for some kids.
LEGO Space Shuttle 3367

LEGO Space Shuttle 3367 is a fantastic and straightforward kit for kids. It helps build their interest in the world of Space and science and engages them in creative ways of learning. This kit has two astronaut Minifigures. It will help kids to know about astronauts and what they do.

It also consists of LEGO Hubble Space Telescope. It has a total of 208 pieces that are required to be put together to build this module. You just have to launch a rocket in orbit, open the cargo bay doors, and then release the Hubble Bay Telescope. It is a fascinating kit for your kids, especially if they are interested in Space.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Builds interest in Space
  • Comes with LEGO Hubble Telescope


  • The kit is less detailed.
LEGO Creator 3 in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091 Building Kit

This LEGO create kit has three different modules, i.e., this is a 3-in-1 in one set. Your kid can build a shuttle transporter with these pieces, and then can disassemble these pieces to make a Helicopter Transporter. The story does not end here. He can also make a Car with Caravan with the help of this set.

A Shuttle Transporter is a large truck that has ten wheels. The Shuttle itself has a satellite, opening bay doors, and a working crate. The wheels are made up of rubber and do not include any toxic ingredients. The set has a total of 341 pieces, and these pieces will build these amazing modules. This kit is designed for kids having age seven years old or more than that.


  • Has three modules
  • Consists of 341 pieces
  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals
  • Durable


  • This may be difficult for some kids
LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Outer Space Model Rocket for Kids

This kit contains a rocket that is NASA inspired. It takes humans from the Earth to the Moon. With this LEGO space set, your kid will learn some new knowledge about rockets and Space. This kit has mini-figures of astronauts.

The kit will help in making kids understand the missions completed by Saturn V. The astronaut mini-figures are three in number. The kit has three stages for a rocket, which are the launch escape system, command, and service module. 

This kit also has three stands that can be used to display the rocket. The kit contains an instruction booklet that contains directions to be followed to construct the module. The kit is very detailed and contains 1969 pieces. This space ship toy is suitable for kids having age 14 years old or more than that.


  • NASA inspired model
  • 3 stages for the rocket
  • A good source of knowledge
  • Affordable


  • LiThis kit is very difficult and detailed for younger kidsst Element
LEGO City Space Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control 60228 Model Rocket Building Kit

This toy model of LEGO has won The Toy of the Year award. The kit includes all the pieces to make and launch a beautiful rocket with different supportive components. The kit has an amazing and detailed transport system to transport things to the Launchpad.

The set includes six different mini-figures that include two astronauts, two scientists, 1 Launch Director, 1 Ground Technician, and one Robot. The kit also consists of a telescope. This set contains a total of 837 pieces. It is suitable for kids aged seven years or more than that. It is a NASA inspired model.


  • NASA inspired model
  • Very Detailed
  • Award-wining
  • Helps kids learn more about Space


  • Expensive
LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226 Space Shuttle Toy Building Kit

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle 60226 offers you a chance to construct a space shuttle through its pieces. Your kid can learn a lot through this kit and can perform various actions through this space shuttle and other components.

It consists of 2 astronauts, one storage drone, and one helidrone. The Shuttle also has a unique Mars Rover along with fantastic Mars scenery. There are a total of 273 pieces included in the set. The kit is suitable for kids having age five years or more.


  • Helps ignite interest in other planets
  • Durable
  • NASA inspired
  • Quality build


  • It contains small parts that can cause choking in younger kids
LEGO City Satellite Service Mission 60224 Building Kit

Through this LEGO space set, kids can join pieces to make an amazing space shuttle that will have an opening cockpit and raising wing flaps. Not only this, but they can only construct a satellite through this.

The Space Shuttle has dimensions of 1-inch x 5 inches x 6 inches. The satellite is 2 inches wide. The set also includes an astronaut. The set has 84 pieces. This toy kit is suitable both for boys and girls, having age five or more than that. Now your young astronauts can have unlimited fun with this kit!


  • Comes with a Space Shuttle & a Satellite
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Enhances imagination and creativity in kids


  • Not very detailed

Buying Guide

There are multiple variations in space Lego sets; some sets entail various accessories, some sets are functional, and the division of Lego pieces per set also differs. So, the million-dollar question is what makes a perfect Lego set despite all the variations and budget cuts. We have explained in detail some features of Space Lego sets that complete all parameters while being cost-effective.

Let's get started!

About Space Lego Sets

Before starting to evaluate Space Lego sets on their features critically, let's understand what to expect in a standard Lego set. The Space Lego sets accurately recreate copies of real or imaginary space shuttles. 

This division of Lego sets is focused on producing space ships that replicate the real ones and can create an environment for everyone where they can imagine themselves in place of astronauts. 

Most of these sets come with easy instructions to help build them. Some of the sets might have minimal functionality such as flickering of lights or some sounds but expect such sets to be slightly more expensive than the others. 

Benefits of Space Lego Sets

The reason why Lego sets have prevailed for such a long time and are dominating the toy market these days is that they have successfully managed to build the interest of masses in themselves.

Parents these days prioritize the toys that can shift children's attention in constructive fields. The multiple divisions and various models help parents pick the Lego set that resonates with their child's career interests and is fun as well. 

Another major reason these toys have stood the test of time is because of their expertise in helping better brain development of a child. These Space Lego sets entice your kids and create an environment where the kid is mesmerized with the toy and helps them put forth their utmost concentration in building the toy. 

This aspect of producing complete focus helps in brain development and aids critical thinking. The brain then uses the same strategy to focus on and evaluate every other aspect of life.

One more benefit of such toys is that they help build confidence in a child if they complete its construction. Secondly, it creates an opportunity for parents to get involved in their child's playtime and teach them the importance of teamwork. With so many benefits and almost no demerits, the Space Lego sets to win the title of best toys. 

The following factors should decide between buying one out of hundreds of Legos sets easier for you. 

Learning Environment

The most critical aspect of any toy is its ability to create an environment where the player is wholly focused on the toy itself. As long as the kids are doing something productive and learning essential life lessons such as teamwork, you can let them play for as long as they want. 

The Space Lego sets are indulgent because of their property of demanding concentration of the children in one project. 

Material Quality 

We have never once ignored the importance of quality of material used, especially when the product in question is subjected to children. The factor of utmost importance is the material quality, and in terms of Legos, it can be broken down into two aspects; the plastic and the paint


Plastic is the primary construction material of toys, especially toys like Legos. There are many variations in the quality of plastic available in the market. There are specific standards for plastic toys that are going to be used by children, set by the government. If the plastic used in the LEGO space set does not follow the rules of the government, then you should not buy it.

The plastic could be less elastic and more brittle, making it prone to damage under minimal strain, thus becoming a health hazard to children as shards of plastic can be lodged into the skin, causing perforation. The lower quality plastic also means that the product will likely not last as long as the product with excellent quality plastic.


The second material most widely used in Lego sets is paint. The paint over a Lego makes it attractive and differentiates it from other pieces of the set. The color also determines the small details of the constructed final piece. 

The paints used for toys have many variations. As we are talking about children as the main demographic for Legos, there is a significant chance of swallowing the pieces. Therefore, the main concern is that the paint should not be in any case carcinogenic or pose any threat to the health of a child under any circumstances. 

Number of constructible pieces

The minute details of a set depend upon the number of parts it contains and the size of those pieces. If you want a more detailed model for your child or someone else, then you should look for a Lego set that has at least more than fifty pieces. 


Another aspect that helps with detailing is the size of the Lego blocks. Smaller blocks mean that the result would be more detailed, but the level of difficulty increases with the size being smaller. 

Also, it can become a choking hazard if you subject a toddler to smaller pieces. At last, it comes down to your preferences; if you want a more specific outcome, then buy the set with a higher number of blocks, and if the detailing does not matter to you, then buy the one with a lesser amount of blocks. 


A standard Lego set usually contains just the Lego building blocks and a guide to build it. But if you want something extra, then there are various Space LEGO sets available that have accessories such as little toy astronauts or stairs, etc. 

These accessories do help give a more in-depth experience to the person playing with the set. With the help of such accessories, the children can also role-play after completing the building process. This makes the toy last longer on the shelves and creates long term interest of the child. The accessories are a huge selling point because they help create a storyline to an otherwise old toy after it has been constructed.


We have placed this factor on our list because we understand the importance of money as the average person in this country makes the minimum wage. As every person wants to make their child happy by showering them with gifts, the Legos become a significant part of the deal. 

The cost of a set at times becomes the ultimate deciding factor. However, you need to know that a higher price tag is not a guarantee of high-quality as well. If you want the specifications like exact details of real-life space shuttles, then you might have to pay more than a standard set.


Can the Lego pieces become a choking hazard?

If the Lego blocks are way too small and you put them in front of a toddler, then yes, they can become a choking hazard. There are different sizes available for every age group. If you are shopping for a toddler, then buy bigger blocks, and if you are shopping for a sensible child or a teenager, they might admire a smaller, more complex Lego set and probably won't put the pieces in their mouth.

Are Lego sets STEM toys?

Any toy that can divert a child's mind from irrelevant banter towards productive science and technology, all while maintaining the integrity of being termed as a toy and being fun, is a STEM toy. Since Space Lego sets fulfill this criterion, they are STEM toys.

How can I step the LEGO game up?

If you want to step up the game, there is another extra feature in some models. Some advanced Lego sets can be built to function by being powered by batteries. It does sound a little complicated for a toddler, but most of the time, these advanced sets with functional features are subjected to an older demographic such as teenagers.

Final Words

There are many distractions for children in the world. It is very difficult to find a productive outlet for a child that supports their innocent dreams. Fortunately, Legos can be constructive and create a vision in an innocent mind, thus solving a big problem for parents of this generation.

If your child loves to learn about Space and is passionate about becoming an astronomer, then you must encourage it, and such Lego space sets provide the ultimate opportunity to do so. 

Go through the reviews of the top 10 best LEGO space sets and the buying guide that we have put together to help you and your kids.

Happy Learning and Playing, Folks!