Best Space-Themed Board Games

Looking for the best Space-Themed board games available on the internet today? Look no further! As Space enthusiasts we felt we were well placed to review the best space themed board games available today. Browse our list and enjoy endless hours of fun with the whole family.

Looking for the best space-themed board games? You have come to the right place! In this fast-paced world, we want to have some leisure time with their friends and family, a time they can enjoy without stressing about their responsibilities or daily chores. Space themed Board games are a great way to spend your time in a fun and productive way.

These also help provide amazing constructive knowledge to all space lovers. They are engaging and come with simple rules that anyone can understand, but more on these properties later. With so many amazing options available in the market, it can be really hard to choose the best one. But luckily for you, we did all the research, so you don't have to. 

We have put together the reviews of the top 10 best space-themed board games. Moreover, we have put together a well-researched buying guide that will open your eyes to the numerous benefits and advantages of investing in Space-themed board games. 

So without further ado, let's get started.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Space Base
  • As many as five players can play
  • Highly interactive gameplay
  • Easy to learn for kids
  • Customizable reward charts

Space Base is a special dice game in which 2-5 players feature as Commodores. They all have one task: to draft ships into their Space Base and manage their fleet. Each player competes on gaining influence as Commodore through the use of mining ships, cargo vessels, and deploy carriers; be successful enough, and the top scorer will be promoted to Admiral of the Fleet!

This game allows players to build their own personalized chart of rewards, guaranteeing a truly customizable board game experience. What makes it even better is that every player is involved at every step of the game: no matter whose turn it is, all players get to reap the rewards at every roll of the dice. Once any player collects 40 victory points, the given round is finished, and the player with the most victory points wins the round. 

The 10 Best Space-Themed Board Games
Comparison Chart

The 10 Best Space-Themed Board Games
Out There

In this section, we review the Top 10 Space-Themed Board Games
available for amateurs and professions.

Space Base

Space Base is a special dice game in which 2-5 players feature as Commodores. They all have one task: to draft ships into their Space Base and manage their fleet. Each player competes on gaining influence as Commodore through the use of mining ships, cargo vessels, and deploy carriers; be successful enough, and the top scorer will be promoted to Admiral of the Fleet!

This game allows players to build their own personalized chart of rewards, guaranteeing a truly customizable board game experience. What makes it even better is that every player is involved at every step of the game: no matter whose turn it is, all players get to reap the rewards at every roll of the dice. Once any player collects 40 victory points, the given round is finished, and the player with the most victory points wins the round.

The Space Base set includes 204 cards, 45 wooden cubes, two dice, five-player boards, and one rulebook. The playing time is 60 minutes on average, and the recommended age limit is aged eight and above.


  • As many as five players can play
  • Highly interactive gameplay
  • Easy to learn for kids
  • Customizable reward charts


  • There is no official 'solo' player variant
Clank! In! Space!

There is an Evil Lord taking over the galaxy, and you have challenged your friends to beat him at his own game by sneaking about his ship and stealing his most valuable artifacts. The key to victory is quietly sneaking past Lord Eradikus' force field and avoiding the security bots stationed all over the board – but it's not as easy as it sounds.

Allowing gameplay between 2-4 players, this is a game full of adventure. Players have to hack the spaceships command in order to enter the command module and steal an artifact token, and make a safe exit; once a player collects enough points to win, the game ends! The most invigorating feature of this game is its noise limit: you have to be quiet and keep it down, or else Lord Eradikus will catch you!

It is a stand-alone board game featuring three modular board accessories for 48 different variations. The manufacturer recommends an age limit of 13+ and suggests an average playtime of 60 minutes. 


  • Can be played in quiet settings
  • Exciting and interactive gameplay
  • As many as four people can play
  • Engaging for adults and youngsters alike


  • Slightly difficult to understand
  • No solo player mode
Osprey Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space

This game is for those who want some more challenge than usual: set on a wrecked space research ship,' Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space' involves the use of strategy and bluff, and mere luck cannot get you by.

Humans and Aliens are trapped on a research ship, SELVA, with no connection to the Earth. Players can choose to play either an Alien or a Human. Aliens try to hunt down Humans, while Humans are seeking to save themselves from the Alien attack by finding security in the Escape Hatches. The catch here is that the identity of all players is kept a secret! As you bluff about your identity and try to fool other players through your movements and behavior, you are sure to have a blast with this board game.

The board game set includes eight map books, eight dry-erase pens, 102 playing cards, and one rulebook. The manufacturer suggested playing time is 30-45 minutes on average, and the recommended age limit is ages 12 and above. 


  • Allows up to 8 players
  • Challenging enough for adults to enjoy
  • Relatively short, so can be played in smaller time slots
  • Involves strategy and bluff


  • Difficult to teach to younger children 
  • Minimum 3 players
The Crew The Quest for Planet Nine

The Crew is a cooperative space-themed game full of adventure and fun featuring missions all across the Solar System. Scientists suggest that there is a mysterious planet located at the far end of our Solar System, and you, with your friends, will embark on this journey to find out if the theory is really true.

A team of 3-5 players comes together to build a team strategy, and then take up missions together as a team; as the game progresses, the difficulty level increases, and so does the fun! The best part is that players collaborate instead of competing against each other, so in order to complete the mission, communication, and teamwork is key. However, nothing is easy when you are in space, so be prepared to fight for a win.

The manufacturer recommends an age limit of 10 years and above, and the average playtime is 5 – 10 minutes per mission with a total of 50 missions. 


  • Good pick for players of all skill levels
  • Multiplayer game with 3-5 players
  • Quick to play at events
  • Easy to learn


  • Not highly competitive
Race To Space Ultimate Edition Card Game

This is the ultimate card game for parents who want their children to learn and educate themselves in a fun and engaging way. With blank cards available for questions and tasks pertaining to vocabulary, spelling, math, and science, the game allows you to incorporate all you want in the experience. It thereby let your kids have fun while also promoting learning, peer to peer interaction, thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Players answer questions, devise and employ strategies, and complete mini-tasks, all the while avoiding steals and sabotages in order to navigate through strange challenges at every next turn. The first player to earn 15 points face up on the table wins this race to space. This game can be played by kids on their own, and can also be turned into a Family game if parents choose to play along. 

The Race to Space board game set includes 56 Star Cards, 248 Mission Cards, 32 Action Cards, four dice, one rulebook, and an ultimate edition neoprene game mat. This game is designed for ages eight years and above and can be played with 2 to 4 players. 


  • Customizable game cards
  • Easy to understand
  • Educational playing experience
  • Multiplayer game


  • Can be unengaging for adults
  • Maximum 4 people can play
Twilight Imperium

Have you ever fantasized about building your own galactic space opera? Now is your chance to do just that. The Twilight Imperium is a massive game comprising over 1000 components for you to create your very own space opera just the way you like it.

Compete in seventeen different races, each more challenging than the other, and pave your way to victory. Since the board set up is completely random, no game is ever repeated! Be prepared to rack your brains and come up with an innovative strategy at every turn of the way, because you are supposed to lead your troops to intergalactic domination and claim the title of the Master of the Galaxy. Warfare, economic bargaining, strategy, bluff – you name it, Twilight Imperium has it.

The developers recommend an age limit of 14 years and above for this game and have designed it for 3 – 6 players. However, players can double up as teams too and thereby engage a larger group.


  • Multiplayer game for as many as six players
  • Equally engaging for adults and children
  • No repetition of a game
  • Good choice for longer playtimes


  • Slightly difficult to learn
  • Choking hazard on small components

Do you have what is needed to develop a space mission and explore the solar system? This award-winning game could give you an answer. Designed by a professor who led the OSIRIS-REx mission at NASA, the Xtronaut board game is a fun way to learn about space missions and rockets, especially for any aspiring future space scientists.

The game kicks off firstly by giving you a chance to develop your own space mission and identify a mission target. The next step is to build a rocket system by using the right combinations of spacecraft and rocket parts. And that's not all: other players will attempt to confound your space exploration mission, and you must protect yourself against all attacks. The first explorer to complete a mission wins the game.

The Xtronaut game set includes four boards, building blocks for multiple space vehicles, 29 Mission Cards, and an interactive, full-color workbook that explains the rules and the scientific concepts employed by the game. Developers suggest that this game is great for 2 – 4 players of ages seven and above.


  • Real-world science and learning
  • Multiplayer game
  • Can engage young children, too
  • Hands-on experience with building toys


  • Might not engage adults too much
Tiny Epic Galaxies

Tiny Epic Galaxies is an exciting strategy space exploration game, great for both solo plays or for playing with friends and family. The award-winning game has players honing their strategic and cognitive skills by playing against a rogue galaxy. Acquire planets, manage your resources to fight off attacks and coups, and in an intense race to 21 victory points, if you are lucky, you might end up successfully building your own empire in space.

Manage your resources carefully to stay on top of the action and beat other players in the race. Not only that, with this, you will also get to use the innovative 'follow' mechanism as you follow other players and try to beat them on your way to space domination!

With stunning artwork displayed throughout and beautiful graphics, this game is great for 1-5 players with an average playtime of less than an hour. The box contains 5 Galaxy Mats, 1 Control Mat, 40 Planet Cards, 12 Secret Mission Cards, 7 Custom Dice, 20 Wooden Ships, 15 Wooden Token, and one illustrated Rule Book.


  • Can be played solo or multiplayer 
  • Popular with adults and children alike
  • Easy to learn
  • Average playtime under 60 minutes


  • Choking hazard on small components
Cosmic Encounter

Are we alone in this universe, or is another intelligent life inhabiting the same space as us? A unique feature of space-themed this game is that it incorporates two of your favorites, space, and fantasy, together in one package.

Your alien ancestors have left for you hyperspace gates and advanced technology so you can communicate with your other alien cousins, and coexist in harmony. Alas, however, it is not so simple. Alien races are fighting for domination of the cosmos, and want to attack and colonize as many planets as possible. 

Beware, they will not shy away from destroying anyone that comes in their way! You now have to compete for the establishment, and depending on your alien personality, you can choose to negotiate, collaborate, or wage war. The other aliens also have individual personalities, and you must be prepared to take on it with full force.

Cosmic Encounter is best enjoyed with 3 to 5 players and has an average playtime of 1 to 2 hours. The box contains plastic ships, alien sheets, destiny cards, tokens, and a rulebook.


  • Fantasy and space combined
  • Multiplayer game for 3-5 players
  • Premium components included inbox
  • Equally fun for adults and children


  • Choking hazard on small parts

SpaceCorp talks about real learning. It is a fast-paced game that allows players to explore outer space and then develop it over a period of three eras. Each player is in control of an Earth-based corporation seeking huge profits by expanding into the Solar System. As the game progresses, players get to truly familiarize themselves with real-world business strategies, space science, and the challenges posed by planetary exploration and business expansion in the real world.

The one to make the most money by the end of the third era is crowned the winner of the game. This game can be either played solo or with as many as four players. The playtime per era is 1 hour, and there are three eras in total; it is up to you to play in one go or mix it up by playing one era per session. The box includes Space Maps mounted on boards, 4 Player Mats and Player Pieces, Base Discs, tiles, Cards, and an illustrated Rule Book


  • Can be played solo or multiplayer
  • A rich learning experience in a fun way
  • Equally interesting for adults and children
  • Interactive accessories included


  • The playtime is longer than usual

Buying Guide

Space themed boarding games are in the limelight these days and especially because they are really amazing. But like most other games, it is important to keep some important factors in mind. This buying guide will not only introduce you to the amazing benefits of the space-themed board games but will also identify the main considerations you need to have.

What to look for in space-themed board games

Here are all the things that you should look for in a Space-themed board game

Engaging concept

This is absolutely non-negotiable, as games need to be completely engaging. This is because unless the game draws children to itself, it's not going to have any of the benefits that we have identified above. This is also because unless these games are engaging, they are going to seem more like a burden. So before you decide which game to buy, make sure it's not very shallow and has a certain depth to 

Simple yet elegant rules

Games can be really discriminatory at times, so it's important that the space-themed game you end up buying comes with simple yet elegant rules. These rules should also be clear and offer higher compressibility. Moreover, with rules that are too complex, children tend to get bored frequently. These rules should include set up diagrams, strategy boards, winning instructions, dogma instructions, and most importantly, scorecards. So make sure whatever game you decide doesn't require you to check the rule book every minute or so.

Accommodates more number of people

It becomes really annoying when some members of the household can play games whilst others cannot so make sure your game can accommodate a workable number of players easily. This not only makes the game more fun and interactive but also ensures that a large number of people can bond over their love for the game.

A reasonable playing time

Games that end too quickly or take too long to end tend to be annoying and less appealing. You don't want the game to be so simple and easy that it can be won in a few minutes. On the other hand, you don't also want your game to be too complex and end up taking forever to win. Any reasonable game should have a playing time of 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Attractive art

It is also important that your games are visually appealing. This is even more important for themed games such as space-themed boards. Having good attractive art drawn on the boards is more likely to inspire curiosity among children and adults. It is also more likely to compel them to play the games for a longer duration. With dull-looking games, inviting new people, especially friends, can be really hard.

Quality components

Quality is one thing that should never be ignored, especially when it comes to board games. Having a durable and strong board is more likely to benefit you more in the long run. Board games tend to get really competitive at times, and you surely don't want children and adults breaking the board or its components. To help avoid that, always choose to invest in a more durable design, one that can last for a longer time.

Variety and diversity

This is an interesting thing to look out for mainly because without the option of expandability; you are more likely to be bored with your game. You should invest in a model that will make you play around the rules and introduce new ways to play the same board game. It should also allow for more diversity and should include a number of ways in which users can win it. This is likely to keep the game interesting for a greater time.

Educational content

This isn't as boring as it sounds, and when it comes to Space-themed board games, this is an important component to look out for. Children and adults should enjoy playing board games, but it would be more useful if it also ends up teaching about Space more. So before you decide your favorite board game, do access the educational content of the game as well.

Benefits of Space-themed board games

Now let us first look at some of the most important benefits of playing board games, especially space-themed board games.

  1. Makes you feel good

One of the major reasons for you to invest in a board game is to make you feel good. These also release adrenaline in your body as you indulge in competitive games that require you to win against your opponents. These also instill feelings of happiness inside.

  1. Family Time

Another advantage of board games is that it allows multiple players to play at the same time. You can play space-themed board games with your friends and your family. In a fast-paced world, this not only requires you to spend quality time with your family but also lets you bond over these games.

  1. Improves cognitive skills

The areas of the brain that are mainly responsible for memory formation and complex thought like the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus are used frequently while playing board games. Space-themed games are even better as these enhance complex thinking even more because you get to learn about space whilst also enjoying a fun-filled hour.

  1. Improves mental health

Playing space-themed board games have been known for improving mental health disorders. Board games tend to keep your mind occupied and improve your thought patterns. It also decreases the risk of cognitive decline with an increase in ages. So all the board games we have mentioned above will ensure you make the most out of your experience.

  1. Enhances responses

Playing games have also been known to improve your reaction time to a large degree. A study was done by the University of Toronto that found that people who indulge in video games regularly are more likely to be quick thinkers. Not only those, but these people also tend to respond quickly to different questions. Moreover, it is also known for lowering blood pressure, which in the long run, tends to keep your calmer for a longer duration of time. 

  1. Reduction in stress levels

In the fast-paced world of today, most people undergo a lot of stress. This could be work or academics related to stress. One great way of reducing this stress is to play board games. These don't require to dedicate a large portion of your time; hence doesn't lead to time wastage. Moreover, these games are known for occupying your mind for better purposes, thus preventing you from getting stressed every now and then.

  1. Improves your immune system

Research has also shown that negative feelings and thoughts can greatly reduce your immune system and its capacity to tackle different situations. On the other, positive thinking tends to have the opposite reaction. These prevent you from developing frequent symptoms of headaches, eye strain, etc. so a known advantage of board games is that they help improve your immune system.

  1. Child development

Parents these days are fed up with children spending too much time on the internet, and they keep thinking about ways to indulge children in other things. A great distraction could be playing space-themed board games. This will help children in boosting up critical thinking and spatial reasoning. Moreover, it helps them improve their focus and concentrate more on their education and development. Parents could play these games with their children together and create an everlasting bond.

  1. Improvement in Motor Skills

Most types of Space-themed board games require players to use their fine motor skills to move or pick up pieces from one place to another. These actions tend to improve dexterity and coordination between their thoughts and motor skills.

  1. Knowledge Acquirement

But probably the biggest advantage of getting space-themed board games is to improve your or your child's knowledge about the space. There are many children who are into space knowledge and love to read more about them. One way to further their curiosity is to get them different board games on space themes. This will not only make the learning process fun but will also make it very informative.


What is the difference between themed and non- themed board games?

Thematic games are very popular these days and offer a lot of diversity. These board games are usually similar to non-thematic games with similar rules and instructions. However, the thing that differentiates them is usually the artwork. This is drawn on the boards to make the games more appealing. Sometimes the rules are also slightly different in order to go well with the theme.

Are space-themed board games worth it?

The simple answer to this question is definitely yes. Space-themed board games are amazing as they come with a lot of benefits. The foremost benefit is that it educates people about space whilst also providing them a platform to enjoy and interact with their peers.

Do space-themed board games come with diversity?

This is a question for the ages that a lot of you ask. Space-themed board games do come with a lot of diversity. This is because space knowledge isn't limited and can include a range of things. You can find games that focus on stars, and you can find games that focus on different planets in the world.

Final Words

Games that come with themes such as Space and Earth tend to be really enjoyable. They are also very engaging and tend to bind all the users in a fun-filled activity. Not only that but they also sometimes come with durable designs that improve the longevity and reliability of the games.

So if you want to upgrade and improve your mental health, improve your coordination and motor skills, then all you need to do is simply invest in the best space-themed games. These will completely revolutionize the way you spend your days. Moreover, they will give you a chance to reconnect with your children and your friends frequently.

Happy Playing, Folks!