Images of The Sun

The Sun



  • Solar corona and a prominence 174k quicktime
  • The xray Sun over 27 days flc
  • Nov 94 Eclipse 15000k quicktime3100k mpeg
  • Video clip from Our Star the Sun – The Sun’s past – 5000k AVI
  • Video clip from Our Star the Sun describing the Sun – 14000k AVI
  • Corona Animation showing solar prominences 1200k AVI
  • 3d movie of convection 1000k mpeg

Other Resources

  • List of other resources
  • Current solar images (updated daily) html
  • eclipse images and movies ftp dirhtml from Goddard; html from Bernie Verreau
  • GOES-9 images of an eclipse html
  • The Sun: a Pictorial Introduction, A Slide Set by P. Charbonneau and O.R. White html