Mirrors of The Nine Planets

Copies of The Nine Planets are maintained at several dozen different locations around the world in addition to my primary site. Selecting one of the links below will take you to the Table of Contents page at the corresponding site; all subsequent pages will be read from that site, too. If your country has poor network connectivity you may find it faster to access one of the mirror sites that’s nearer to you. Note, however, that most of these are not updated as frequently as the main site and some are years out of date; please use the main site if you can.

The Nine Planets has been translated into Belorussian, French, SpanishItalian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Norwegian, French, Dutch, Danish, Thai, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

A French translation of The Nine Planets with a different and very nice look has been done by Arnaud Riess.

The Nine Planets has also been coded into a Windows 95 application by MP Brown.

The Nine Planets – For Kids is a special version of The Nine Planets for younger folks.

North America

nineplanets.orgThis is the primary home of TNP. This site is updated much more frequently than most of the others.Northwestern University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Evanston, Illinois (2002 Nov 6)This mirror is maintained by Pred S. Bundalo.The Artemis Society International; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2000 Nov 1)This mirror is maintained by the Web Team.

South America

Astronomia na Web; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (06 Nov 2002)This Portuguese translation is maintained by Luis Gabriel.


Cosmos99; Plouzané France (11/08/2000?)This french translation is maintained by Emmanuel Goudé.gjuce; Paris; France (11/04/2008)This mirror is maintained by Pelle Boese.Palais de la Decouverte; Paris; France [2005 May 11]This mirror is maintained by Julien Le Bonheur.Institutt for Teoretisk Astrofysikk; Oslo, Norway [2006 Jan 19]This mirror and a Norwegian translation is maintained by Unni Fuskeland.International Research School of Planetary Sciences; Pescara, Italy [2005 May 11]This mirror is maintained by Attilio Grill.


Quick Solve ComputersQueensland [2006 Nov 18]This mirror is maintained by Ronald Bell.