Arianespace to Launch VV15

UPDATE: SCRUBBED DUE TO WEATHER – high-altitude winds. Next launch attempt to be announced. In the meantime here is a Launch Campaign video.

After a couple of days delay due to weather it looks like Arianespace will launch VV15 with FalconEye1 for the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates.

Spaceport: French Guiana / Guiana Space Center

The Vega VV15 launch is number fifteenth Vega launch since 2012 and is Ariane’s sixth launch of the year.

According to Arianespace’s website:

The targeted launch date for the mission – designated Flight VV15 in Arianespace’s launcher family numbering system – is July 7, at the following precise liftoff timing:

  • 9:53:03 p.m., Washington D.C., USA time
  • 10:53:03 p.m., Kourou, French Guiana time
  • 1:53:03 Universal Time (UTC), on July 8
  • 3:53:03 a.m., Paris, France time, on July 8
  • 5:53:03 a.m., Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) time, on July 8.

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